Everything You Need to Know About Desexing Your Pet

Posted by dennishahn on June 14th, 2019

Desexing your pet is the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But putting your pet on a surgery table can be intimidating. This can be a formidable experience for you as well as your pet. If you’re planning dog desexing in north shoreor cat desexing in eastern suburbs, then read on.

A lot of questions revolve in your mind before putting your pet on a surgery table, so here are some major questions which you need to before desexing your pet:


  • What does the or process involve?

People fear that after the deserving process, their pet might lose their gender. But this is not the case. They remain in their gender even after the operation. The difference is just that they will not be able to breed anymore. At every vet clinic, for female, it requires to remove their ovaries, this procedure is called ovariohysterectomy. While in males in involves removing of testes, called orchidectomy. In common terms, these complicated words are known as 'spey' and 'castrate' respectively. A very common misconception among people is that while performing the procedure of castrate, you pet's scrotum and testes will be removed together. Well, this is just a misconception. The vet will make a minor notch in the skin and remove the testes. Castrate is swift and not very distressing. For spey, it requires more time and it is more serious as well. A very common misconception about spey is that that smaller will be the incision line the better will be the surgery but it’s true to only some extent. Bigger incision allows better view for the vet.

  • Why Go For Desexing?

The first and foremost, your pet will not be able to breed this will control unwanted pregnancies. Change in behaviour will occur less in them and female pet will not go for annoying behaviours. Like cats become too much clingy while they are pregnant. It also reduces the risk of ovarian cancer among females and reduces the risk of prostate and anal issues in male.

  • What to do before Desexing?

If you’re planning for desexing eastern suburbs, first and foremost find a vet clinic you trust the most. Go for a reputed clinic which provides better service. Secondly, prepare your pet for the surgery. You need to keep your pet fasted before the surgery. And thirdly, prepare your home. People choose to keep their pet inside their house after the surgery with utmost comfort.

  • After the Procedure

After the procedure, you may see shaved areas around your pet's body, specially around the surgery area, front leg (due to injection), and you can sometimes expect it on neck as well. And there will be incision lines on their body.

After the surgery you need to keep your pet confined and most importantly prevent them from biting out any stitches. You need to give them proper medicines as directed by your vet. And feed them properly as per the advice of the vet.

It can be a dismaying experience, but if you know what do to and how to do with the help your vet, it cannot be that much daunting.

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