10 Useful Tips to Make Your JavaScript Programming Assignment Error-Free

Posted by caseyfloyd6 on June 14th, 2019

We all know that JavaScript is considered as the most trending and the number one programming language in the world. This language is used in various implementations and is also considered as the starting point for many scholars. This is why, the professor assigns a lot of tasks on JavaScript so that the students can make a better career by practicing it more and more.

Therefore, the experts have shared some useful tips that can be very helpful for the scholars to complete the JavaScript assignment that too without committing any errors.
Here are they...

Useful Tips to Consider While Writing an Assignment On JavaScript Program:

Tip #1: Always Use ‘===’ Instead of Using ‘==’

JavaScript basically utilizes two different type of operator that are:
===/ !== and ==/ !=
However, it is always considered as a best practice to use the former set when comparing

Expert Tip: While using two operands of same type and value, than === produce the true value, while !== produces the false value. So, always try to use this operator while working on JavaScript.

Tip #2: Never Pass a String to “SetInterval” or “SetTimeOut”

"document.getElementById('container').innerHTML += 'My new number: ' + i", 3000

It is considered as an inefficient code and works the same as the eval function. So, instead of passing a string to “SetInterval” or “SetTimeOut”, pass a function name.

For example: setInterval(someFunction, 3000);

Tip #3: Always Use Semicolons for Line Termination

It is a good practice to use semicolons for line termination. You will never be warned if you forget to insert semicolon. But, in order to make the code look clear, it is always preferable to use semicolons.

Tip #4: Be Careful When You Use typeof, instanceof, and Constructor

Typeof - It is used to return a string that represents a primitive type of variable

Instanceof - It is used to check the type of an object on run time. It always returns a boolean value that indicates that an object is an instance of a particular class.

Constructor - It is used when you are working with the prototype objects. It is an internal prototype property that could be overridden.

Tip #5: Always Check the Properties of an Object Whenever You Use a for-in Loop

This code snippet can act as a very useful technique to avoid iterating through the properties from the object’s prototype.

Check the following code to get it more clear:

for (var name in object) {  
    if (object.hasOwnProperty(name)) {
        // do something with name                    
Tip #6: Always Use a Switch/Case Statement Instead of Using If/Else

Whenever there are more than 2 cases always use a switch/case statement because it works faster. It is also considered as a better-organized code.

Expert Tip: Avoid using switch/case when there are more than 10 cases.

Tip #7: Use {} Instead of New Object()

The main advantage of using object and array literals over using () is:

It is shorter and more readable.
Literals {} will still work when the array and object constructors are overridden.

Tip # 8: Always Write a Comment on Your Code

Always write a comment on the code so that the reader can easily understand what the particular section is all about.

For example:

// Cycle through array and echo out each name.
for(var i = 0, len = array.length; i < len; i++) {

Tip #9: Remove “Language” Attribute From the Code

In the past years, it was very difficult to find the language attribute with the JavaScript tags. So, students write like this:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

But, now this technique should totally be avoided.

Tip #10: Practice, Practice, and Practice!

The last and the most important tip to get command of the JavaScript is to practice coding. This is the only key to achieve perfection. It will also help you make your assignment flawless and get A+ grades.

Completing assignments on JavaScript will no more be difficult for you by following the above-mentioned tips. If still you have a lot of tasks to be completed within the deadline and are unable to cope with your JavaScript assignment, then you can seek JavaScript assignment help from the experts.

About the Author: Casey Floyd is an academic writer associated with Global Assignment Help Australia.She loves to do coding and his writing tips has helped a lot of students to complete their programming assignments effectively. In her free time,She loves to do calligraphy.

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