Manglik dosh nivaran and upchar by Pandit NM Shrimali

Posted by nmshrimali on June 14th, 2019

The person who is born in the horoscope of the horoscope / Chandra Kundalayadi Mars planet is situated anywhere in the marriage (first), fourth, seventh, octam and dvashash, then it is called manglik. Matching the horoscope: If the horoscope of both the groom and the bride are demanded, then the marriage is auspicious and a happy marriage. A plain and a second horoscope should not be demanded. Scientists say that as far as Manglik is concerned, Manglik is concerned.

Even though there is a magical and informal journal, both families are fully satisfied because of their family relationships, even then this relationship is not best, it should not be done. For the selection of a life partner, there is discussion of merit-matching, especially under the consideration of the demanding ideology, important decisions are stuck due to the demanding faults.

The decision of the Manglik Horoscope is made by Bariki, as there are many ways of reducing the demand for malicious defects in the scriptures. It is not necessary to be intimidated by the horoscope, it is not the fault that due to the influence of this Mars, the people become hardworking, effective, patient and honorable.

With the status of Mars, employment and business progress and progress in the situation of Mars, on the other hand its presence prevents the happiness of marital life. In marital life, Saturn is considered to be a special abusive.

In some situations, its defect is removed automatically or otherwise it is treated remotely (Manglik dosh ka upchar). Experiment only in a special case. Use it only in late marriage, problem of childbirth, divorce, loss of married life and court case etc.

Dissemination of Mangal Dosha 1- Every day, Hanuman Chalisa should be recited, and by chanting the 'Om Shree Hanumte Namah' chant of 'Hanuman Bhagwan' and every Tuesday, it is beneficial to visit Lord Hanuman by visiting Lord Hanuman. After lighting the lamp in front of Hanuman ji in the temple, it should be distributed and all the offerings should be distributed. 2- Keep fast on every Tuesday. 3- Tulsidas J. Ramcharitmanas' beautiful discourse for 40 days. 4- Chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day. 5- Due to red cloth donation can also be eliminated. 6 Contacting astrology and considering Hanuman sadhana. In this worship, it is necessary to have triangular Mangal Yantra and Mangal Stotra.

This is a special prayer for Mars. 7- Feed the sweet bread made of good and dough to monkeys and dogs. 8- Keep jaggery in the dough and feed the cow. 9- Manglik Var or Virgo should regularly worship the Mangal Yantra to remove their marriage constraints.

10- If there is a delay in marriage of a girl, if the marriage is delayed, then the daughter should sleep under the head of the turmeric under the head and should be poured water in the regular 16 th yellow peep tree.

11- If the Mangli couple put the red robes on the wing of the marriage and kept the rice in a copper vessel and put it on a rupee character and placed it in any Hanuman temple nearby, then with the blessings of Lord Hanuman, the goddess of Mars, their marital life will be happy forever.

Lives There is also a reduction of marriage. If the girl's horoscope is not being redressed in the horoscope of the girl, then as a remedy, her daughter's first marriage or seven rounds is the law of being done with a tree or a peepal tree.

The logic is that the whole effect of the Mangli defect is on that tree or tree, which gives the girl's first marriage. Due to being the second husband, it becomes safer with the influence of Mars. Gala Marriage should be done by the priest at the time of auspicious marriages and auspicious wedding.

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