The deep processing of fly ash cannot do without raymond mill

Posted by lily lily on June 14th, 2019

Fly ash has good uniformity, good bearing capacity, good water absorption and low requirements for construction. Fly ash can be used as road filling, which is not only environmental protection, but also can reduce the construction cost. Fly ash can also bring great social and economic benefits when it is used for road building. The comprehensive utilization of fly ash is one of the key industrial solid waste treatment projects in China. Fly ash has great value, which is a kind of renewable resources used in industry and agriculture, and it can play a greater role. At present, the fly ash utilization technology has matured, for example, it is used in building materials industry, which can make cement, fly ash brick, fly ash blocks and sheet metal, ceramic, concrete admixtures, fine aggregate, fly ash aerated concrete and lightweight heat-resistant concrete.

Our raymond mill has advanced technology, which focuses on the processing of fly ash to fully meet the customer demand for milling machine with high rate of finished products. The recycling of fly ash is more substantial, which can bring rich profit for our economy. In addition, the 'extraction' development and utilization of fly ash is a new method of extracting a variety of chemical products and rare metals from fly ash to 100 times improve utilization of fly ash. It is the inevitable development of science and technology industry, and the further affirmation of fly ash resource. In the future, the fine fly ash extraction and deep processing project will continuously turn waste into treasure, which has low investment, high output and environmental protection. It belongs to the comprehensive utilization of 'three wastes' treatment and the 'three wastes' resources.

SBM produces a series of Raymond mill, raymond mill, micro powder mill, etc. raymond mill can be used for processing coal gangue, which turns waste into treasure. According to the national recycling policy and guidance, power plants and coal gangue factory are required to reform technology for the equipment as well as the recycling of fly ash. Especially for the high utilization rate of fly ash, it needs careful arrangement to improve the utilization level.

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