Cheap car rental hire: tips and tricks:

Posted by markwahlbargg on June 14th, 2019

Cheap Car Rental in Orange County, CA undoubtedly offers considerable freedom when traveling, but often, especially the first few times, it can be difficult to navigate between the various options offered.

We, therefore, want to give you some advice to save money and ensure that your car rental can be as economical as possible in the relation of course to the services you need.

Book online and in advance:

Before going into the search for Top Car Rental Company in Orange County. keep this simple in mind tip: the easiest way to save money is to book online and in advance!

The reason is simple, looking for the car online you will have the opportunity to calmly compare several quotes and choose the one that for the same price turns out to be more congenial to your needs.

Instead, looking for a cheap car hire once you arrive at your destination is quite difficult, the companies know that at that point you have an urgent need and the rates will be higher than those online.


One of the first conditions to keep an eye on is certainly the fuel policy. We tell you in no uncertain terms, always choose the full condition. What does it mean? Simple, the car rental companies will deliver the car with a full tank of fuel and you will have to bring it back with the tank to the same level.

This is the easiest situation to manage and most economical, as you will have the possibility to fill up where you want and above all without having to pay the service costs that the companies apply to fill up. It will be sufficient to top up the tank within 10km from the place of delivery and keep the receipt to be sure not to run into additional costs.

Why avoid the full/empty?

Very often proposed by the Cheapest Van Rental in Orange County companies to keep the lowest rates in the quote phase, but also the one that will most easily lead you to lose money. Let's see why. The company will deliver the car to you with the full charge for the relative cost (usually at a higher price than the market price) so that you will not be obliged to refuel before returning it.

Clearly, it is a condition that can hardly be advantageous, because in order to equalize you should be so good as to calculate fuel consumption until the last drop before returning the car to the place of delivery. Otherwise, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement for what remains unused in the tank at the time of return.

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