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YIHEDA Manufacturing Systems Technology

Posted by yihedaautomation on June 14th, 2019

Automatic assembly
Yiheda has many years of experience in developing automated assembly machine. The Automated assembly machine and assembly systems can help you deliver a new product to the marketplace in a short time. Besides, we have been involved in projects from concept to completion, utilizing our automatic assembly machines, many of products have become the market leaders in their industry. And Yiheda are at the forefront of automation technology, delivering market leading assembly machines to the world's most successful manufacturers.

Automatic welding 
Yiheda automatic welding machines are much faster than skillful human welders can ever hope to be, and produce decent workmanship despite their greater speed. An automatic welder is roughly eight times faster than a manual welder. Automatic welding machines also provide a high quality weld, since they are totally uniform in their application of the electric arc or other welding tool and the machines are always on the job. And the automatic welding machines can be used for a variety of applications.Yiheda automatic welding machines are fast, efficient, and highly useful.

Automatic conveyor
Conveyors are machines which carry products from one place to another. There are a large number of different types of automatic conveyors, designed to convey different types of product or to perform particular tasks. In their simplest form conveyors are mechanical assemblies which can be easily to move. In their most sophisticated form conveyors can be complex machines with drives, controls and sensors. In this form they undertake complex tasks or those needing highly accurate sorting, ordering or distribution of the items or products being conveyed. Different consistencies of products, require different handling techniques and different designs of conveyor.

Automated Laser Marking
Our laser marking machines adapt with various lasers and powers and thus always allow the most economical and optimal configuration for the application in question. We have complete laser and applications know-how. Innovative client-specific solutions. Laser systems, Laser markers, laser marking machines, high-precision laser engraving machines. Laser at your service:

  • Modular design and flexible machine concepts for customized configuration
  • Integration of various laser systems
  • Wide range of accessories and options
  • Ergonomic machine design

Recording and Traceability System
The Recording and Traceability system has been widely used in various industries. It is actually a kind of production control system that can carry out forward, reverse or non-directional tracking of products. It can be applied to various types of processes and production control. In the production process,it allows you to trace back and record the corresponding information of the product, the key parameters that need to be controlled, and the tight control of the current manufacturing process, and so on.

Industrial Robot Integration
Integration is the process of merging an industrial robot, peripherals, and manufacturing machinery into a production system that functions as a single unit.  Robot integration allows industrial robots to perform specific manufacturing tasks and can lower costs, improve product quality, and decrease production time. We can provide the following services:

  • Perform a feasibility study on your project
  • Identify the correct robot, tooling, work cell for your application needs
  • Provide helpful cost-saving tips
  • Provide training on programming your robot system and work cell
  • Help incorporate the system into your factory setting

Visual Inspection Automation
Visual inspection can be used for internal and external surface inspection of a variety of equipment types. Visual inspection is simple and less technologically advanced compared to other methods. Compared to other methods, it is far more cost effective and is one of the easiest inspection techniques to perform. And also one of the most reliable techniques. The entire system is light and compact, customers can design their own testing station flexibly.

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