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Posted by markwahlbargg on June 15th, 2019

Backlink profile, content quality, and usability are just three of the many Google ranking factors, which decide which websites appear among the top search engine results. For each website, having a good ranking is a decisive element, as most customers come through search engines.

The winning business card for an Internet site is certainly to buy domain name smartly. If this should contain a company name, relevant keywords or other word combinations, the site manager decides. The question of whether or not this choice affects the positioning on Google remains much debated. We have gathered and summarized for you everything you need to know about the subject of SEO domains.

SEO and domain: choosing the right name

When it comes to Google's ranking factors, you don't have to think about an instruction manual, with a list of things to do or check. Over 200 different factors contribute to the definition of the algorithm that establishes the order of the search results shown, some of which are known and have been confirmed by official pages, while others are kept voluntarily secret.

This way, Google wants to avoid possible manipulation of search results. There are many rumors on the SEO experts and it is not difficult to come across interviews with Google employees, experiences, studies, and other clues. There are also various these related to the ideal SEO domain name. What influence could the name, its extension and the age of a positioning domain have?

Keywords in the domain name:

Until a few years ago it was taken for granted that the domains containing relevant keywords were favored in positioning on Google. It was thought that the right keywords in the domain name allowed users to create a direct reference between the search criteria and the website and that this had a positive influence on the CTR (clickthrough rate), favoring the positioning of the site.

Starting from an update of the algorithm in 2012, Google verifies in the “exact correspondence of the domain” first of all the relevance and rewards the sites only when they contain quality and relevant contents. Therefore not only does the number of domains composed of keywords in the search results progressively decrease but also the function that the choice of these domains performs as a presumed ranking factor.

Domains with the company name:

If you use your brand as a domain name, you know what to expect. If these expectations are met, lower rebound rates and longer stay times are created, both of which are very important factors in the SEO field.

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