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Posted by Robert King on June 15th, 2019

With the development of the web, the levers web marketing are increasingly important: SEO (SEO), paid search with Google Adwords, online advertising with Facebook Ads, e-mailing, social networks, affiliation, etc.

With less logistics constraints, you focus solely on the visibility of your e-commerce site!

This advantage leads me to talk to you about the financial investment. The dropshipping allows you to create an online sales site with very little cost. Inventory management represents a significant cost for e-merchants. With a supplier, you choose your products from your wholesaler's catalog and add them to your merchant site. You sell items that you do not store. No financial risk!

Your only expenses will be in the web marketing levers. And if you communicate effectively, you will have good returns on investment. This money spent will generate sales on your merchant site. From the Dropship supplier this is the perfect detail you can get.

Create your shop

As we often hear, everyone's job. And this is the case for a supplier. Succeeding in selling on the internet is not a trivial task. This requires some expertise and a certain level of knowledge. If this were not the case, each wholesaler would have his own e-commerce site to sell directly to customers.

With dropshipping, the supplier can focus on its supply chain and let distributors promote its products.

Which product to sell in dropshipping and how to find your supplier?

There are a multitude of suppliers and wholesalers in the world to do dropshipping. However, you must be careful because this choice can negatively impact the reputation of your online sales site.

First of all you have to think about the theme of products you want to sell. Here are some tips to find the perfect product:

Avoid some products: In dropshipping, some items are to be banned. Of course, it will depend on your supplier but generally, electronic products, cosmetics, food products, baby products and finally bulky products are to be avoided. For the right Shopify dropship store this is a very important matter.

Choose a niche: To avoid being too generalist, you must focus on a theme and create a niche e-commerce site that targets enthusiasts.

Look for trendy products: to choose a product that will go out of style, you can play on the trend. Follow the news and visit trend sites, you'll find plenty of product ideas! If you want to set up a clothing or fashion dropship store and looking for the wholesaler who can provide you the inventory then only prefer My Online Fashion Store. It provides highly feasible dropshipping services along with unique inventory to put on your website or online portal.

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