What is SEO and know about its main objectives:

Posted by markwahlbargg on June 15th, 2019

When we talk about search engine optimization Orange County, or rather SEO, we mean the set of techniques and strategies aimed at the indexing of websites and search engine rankings for non-paid results called "organic results".

The goal of SEO is to improve the technical structure and content of a website by increasing traffic from search engines and bringing people really interested in the product/service offered.

The technical and strategic actions are multiple and concern all the main aspects of a website, from the optimization of the structure and of the HTML code to the development of the textual contents up to the management of incoming and outgoing links.

Currently, Google is the most used search engine in the world and it reaches 95% for mobile devices. Having said that, it is natural to think of how the positioning on Google is the focus of an SEO optimization project and the study of the Google algorithm and its periodic updates plays a fundamentally important role.

Why do SEO?

Have you often wondered why searching for your site in search engines can't find it? Are you tired of seeing your competitors always above you in the search results? Would you like to increase visits to your website? Then search engine positioning services is the answer.

Being present and especially visible in search engines is very important, in fact, every day Google records 16% of new search queries, which means that everyday users are looking for new products or services. The question to be asked is then this, are we ready to accept the users' needs? Are we solving their problems?

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