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Posted by UnbiasedOfficial on June 15th, 2019

While the Internet is the most reliable as well as the preferred source of information, be it any field of knowledge, it is vulnerable to misinformation. There is a strong myth that information over the internet is controlled by professionals and is correct always. But the truth is, now the information can be fed by anyone, from anywhere in the world. This makes the largest info-hub prone to be accumulated with misinformation or Fake news.

Why does this matter?

Usually, this issue might seem very minimal to a regular user, but the truth is this misinformation can be harmful and have the potential to cause chaos among individuals as well as communities at large.

Because most of the information (official or non-official) is circulated through social media, these platforms have become the gateways for misinformation campaigners. Even the representative of a country often shares stuff over social media to the countrymen today.

To tackle these issues and maintain the credibility of the information flowing around the internet, we have come up with some solutions, which have been derived from lots of research and analysis.

How do we do it?

This can be done by changing the ways one consumes information.

This is a complex challenge and exists in different formats. To challenge these issues, we at unbiased are building necessary tools and applications in 3 different phases, which will help us and others address the issue to it’s core. During phase-1 we are building Unbiased Data Marketplace which is a blockchain-based Decentralized Data Marketplace using global workforce to generate training datasets for artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This crowd-sourced platform can help machine learning and AI projects with diversified and quality datasets. This crowd-sourced data marketplace is also helpful for case studies, market researches, and many other areas.

Using blockchain technology, we basically make the whole process transparent so that all the users of our platform can trust the data. In addition, unbiased search engine presenting insights in real time will help users with collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data.

More of our services:

Unbiased social media platform created using blockchain to improve the integrity of data and to also provide incentives to the content creators.

The unbiased search engine is also involved in aggregating opinions of people from various communities and bringing into one place to help you with all the insights you require.

We are focused on employing technology for social good, which involves assuring the user of unbiased with accurate information. This way we can build a better world together where every individuals opinion is valued.

For more info : - Search Engine presenting Insights

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