Tips For Choosing The Right Glue Gun For The Given Projects

Posted by Vishal Pandey on June 16th, 2019

The new glue guns can bond many different kinds of surfaces and materials. These include glass, wood, paper, craft, ceramics, and other kinds of materials. The glue guns can be used for bonding thin materials including ribbons and laces among others and the low-temperature variety are well suited for the craft projects. The high-melt variety of glue guns is used to bond the tougher materials including wood.

When you go to a store, you get a number of glue gun options. The hot glue gun price in India is also affordable. You can make a good purchase only when you know your project requirements and the glue gun variety or type you should look for. Here are some of the common glue guns most popular today, which are used at home (by enthusiasts) and at other areas, including schools, colleges, and manufacturing, packaging and industrial units and businesses.

The Glue Gun Varieties

The glue gun varieties available today include the essential series or hobby style glue gun, the professional glue guns, and heavy-duty and industrial hot melt adhesive applicators. These glue guns come with different wattage specifications and can be used in specific situations, for different kinds of projects.

Here are some of the best types and varieties of glue applicators sold in the market today. They are offered by leading manufacturers and when you purchase a glue gun from a reputed supplier, you can rest assured of its quality and reliability.

Craft Projects

When you have to work on the thin and heat sensitive material including lightweight fabric,ribbons, foils, lace, and floral foam, you require a low-temperature glue gun. You can choose the Homeease Hobby Style glue gun, which is a high-quality product from a reputed brand. This glue gun will provide a strong yet delicate bond, but will not destroy the more delicate materials during use. If you choose the hot-melt temperature glue gun for the smaller and craft projects, the foam will get melted and the other materials may also get damaged. The girl Homeease glue applicatorcomes with a PTC heater has a silicone nozzle and also has a better ergonomic grip. It comes with 3 different operating models that can operate between the temperatures of 120°C to 190°C. The models have a power capacity varying between 20 watts to 60 watts.

Professional Use

When you want to use your glue gun on a more professional level, and have to want bond substances like wood, ceramics, plastics, and metals among other non-porous materials including magnet, you need a hot temperature glue gun.

The Homeease professional glue gun provides for bonds that can last for years. It is one of the best products in this category. It contains the efficient and modern PTC heater, silicone nozzle, and the three different models of it have a power capacity varying in between 80 W and 180 W. The glue gun can melt the glue and operate at a temperature greater than 190°C effortlessly and for long time periods.

Industrial Use

Glue guns for industrial usage should have higher wattage strength. The Homeease Heavy Duty industrial glue gun works with the sticks of diameter 115 mm to 118 mm, and is a hot melt glue gun. It has a higher capacity heating system and the variable temperature settings so that you can use different kinds of glue sticks in it. It can work up to a temperature of 230°C and the different models of the glue gun have a power rating between 400 watts to 600 watts.

New Features

The new glue guns also come with other and additional features. For instance, you can keep the Homeease glue guns on their side or in a standing position when they are not in use. The glue guns also come with auto shut-off feature and go into the standby or sleep mode, thereby preventing wastage of electricity.

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