How to Enjoy Happy Hour like a Responsible Adult

Posted by Radmin on June 16th, 2019

Anyone who says they'll only have 1 shot for the night is probably lying. Likely, a couple glasses of crafted cocktails (or more) will come after that. There’s nothing wrong with drinking once in a while. However, you can still have fun in moderation. Where's the fun in Happy Hour if you won't remember what happened the previous night? Read on to learn how you can enjoy your favorite handcrafted cocktails in Sandy Springs, GA responsibly.

Know Your Beverage

Don't just down a glass without knowing what's in it. Mixed drinks usually have high alcohol content, and they can knock you out before you even know it. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun, would you?

You also need to protect yourself and sipping mystery juice isn’t going to help you do that. If the bartender didn’t hand it to you, set it aside. You don’t want it.

Avoid Sugar and Caffeine

Neither of these goes well with liquor. Sugar goes to your head faster than alcohol does. It makes you experience a rush prior to crashing badly. The same thing goes for coffee. People often take coffee to sober up because they think it’ll help. However, if you do this, you'll only feel more exhausted afterward. The smarter option is to not drink in excess.

Fill Up Your Stomach

Before you indulge in crafted cocktails, make sure you’ve had a proper meal. Alcohol gets absorbed into your body through your small intestine. Then, it goes to your bloodstream and up to your brain. Eating the right things (highly fatty foods) will slow the absorption.

Stay Hydrated

Alcoholic drinks are classified as diuretics, which means they cause you to lose liquids in your system. This is why it’s advisable to drink plenty of fluids when you’re drinking to prevent dehydration.

Plan Your Travel

Always figure out your travel plans before you ever leave the house. Whether you’re going to take a cab or public transportation, make sure you’ve made this decision early on.

Controlling your alcohol intake doesn't mean you're skipping the fun. It means you're a responsible adult. You can still join your friends for a couple handcrafted cocktails in Sandy Springs GA without forgetting your boundaries. Don’t drink more than your body can absorb. There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but it must be done sensibly.

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