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Special Ventilation Solutions for Extra Large Industrial Ceiling Fan Manufacture

Posted by gaxiao on June 16th, 2019

Extra large industrial ceiling fans are kind of fan which is widely used in large industrial workshop, logistics warehouse, waiting room, exhibition hall and other high and large space. It is an industrial cooling equipment for space ventilation and cooling. The overall design of this extra large industrial ceiling fan has been accurately calculated to produce the best effect of the breeze in line with the human body's best feeling. Moreover, the maximum operating power of each fan is only 1.5 kw, and only 12 yuan is required for 8 hours per day.

extra large industrial ceiling fans
1. Personnel cooling:
Extra large industrial ceiling fans (#hvls fan #high volume low speed fan #industrial ceiling fan #ceiling industrial fan) change the traditional way of cooling the human body directly by fans. The natural breeze produced by industrial fans blows on the human body and promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, thus cooling the human body and bringing the feeling of cooling. Usually, this cooling sensation can reach 5-8 degrees Celsius. The three-dimensional natural wind blown by the super-large energy-saving fan is more comfortable, because on the one hand, the three-dimensional wind blows the human body in an all-round way, so that the evaporation area of the human body reaches the maximum. On the other hand, human beings have accumulated a kind experience of natural wind in nature. Once there is a natural breeze with variable wind speed, the human body will naturally feel extremely comfortable and cool.
2. Natural ventilation:
In previous ventilation schemes, people often decided which products and quantity to use according to the number of ventilation in space. This effect is very obvious in a small space. You can even see the steam in the bathroom drain out quickly with the operation of the negative pressure fan. But in the large and wide enclosed space, the ventilation effect is not obvious. Smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide, and poor-quality air are still concentrated at the bottom of the building. Roof negative pressure fans have no effect on the air in all corners, but the people and equipment are there.
3. Dehumidification and dehumidification:
Super-large energy-saving fans can solve this problem: the advantage is that they are direct and effective! It promotes air mixing throughout space. Other benefits are the elimination of birds and bedbugs, as well as the avoidance of noise and decay caused by humidity from other ventilation schemes.

Gaxiao is a one of the professional industrial ceiling fan manufacturers in China with our own R&D team, we are always ready to help you increase air circulation and reduce energy cost.   

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