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Posted by Tina Shen on June 17th, 2019

The performance of air cool industrial ceiling fan blades is affected by many parameters, such as blade shape, blade inclination, blade spacing, blade thickness, number of blades, blade tip clearance, blade width, spindle diameter, etc.The performance of industrial large fan blades is affected by many parameters, such as blade shape, blade inclination, blade spacing, blade thickness, number of blades, blade incidence, blade tip clearance, blade width, spindle diameter, etc. And each parameter restricts each other, and the relationship is complex. Jiangsu GaXiao Environment Technology Co., Ltd. has made a balanced design of fan blades after constant testing and adjustment. The following factors are considered equally:

industrial fan design

Air Cool Industrial Ceiling Fans Design
Blade shape: In wing section design, according to the design requirements, according to the angle between the blade root and end and the rotation axis, the width of the blade root and end and other data, the three-dimensional fan blade surface is formed and curve fitting is carried out. Finally, the whole fan blade model design is completed, and a variable cross-section streamlined fan blade is made, which is more in line with the aerodynamic principle.
Blade curvature: In a certain range, the greater the blade curvature, the greater the kinetic energy of the gas at the same speed, that is, the larger the air volume and pressure. At the same time, the greater the resistance of the blade, the greater the torque of the motor is required.
Blade inclination: The bigger the inclination angle is, the bigger the pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the blade is, and the bigger the wind pressure is at the same speed. However, if the pressure on the upper surface is too high, the phenomenon of reflux may occur and the fan performance will be reduced. Therefore, the inclination angle of industrial large fan blades should also be raised to a certain extent.
Blade spacing: If the distance between blades is too small, the air flow will be disturbed, the friction on the blade surface will be increased, and the fan efficiency will be reduced. If the distance between blades is too large, the pressure loss will increase and the wind pressure will be insufficient. Therefore, the reasonable range of blade spacing design for industrial large fans (#hvls fan #high volume low speed fan #industrial ceiling fan #ceiling industrial fan) must be ensured.
Number of leaves: The reasonable number of blades for large air cool industrial ceiling fans is 3, 5, 7 and other odd numbers. This is because if even blades with symmetrical shape are used, and the balance is not adjusted properly, the system will easily resonate.
Blade smoothness: This is an indicator of non-design factors, which basically depends on the mold forming and post-treatment process of the producer. In addition to the design curve, the irregularity of the blade will generate turbulence in rotation, increase friction, reduce fan efficiency, damage fan performance and increase working noise.
Vibration of fan blades: The fan blades made of aluminium alloy for industrial large fans have certain toughness and can withstand a certain degree of physical deformation. Similarly, in the process of driving air, vibration will occur due to force, but the amplitude is generally small. Another serious vibration is caused by the uneven mass distribution of the fan blade and the eccentricity between the center of mass and the axis of rotation.
Wind noise: The faster the air velocity is, the more turbulent the turbulence is, the greater the wind noise is, and the acceleration increases with the increase of the wind speed. The main impact of noise is reflected in the physical and mental health and safety of users. Vibration accompanied by noise may lead to click wear, interface loosening, disc scratch and other dangerous phenomena.

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