Top 3 Things To Include In A Financial Affidavit

Posted by Carl Glendon on June 17th, 2019

A financial affidavit is a detailed form that you are expected to complete in most cases that involve the consideration of child support. This type of form is the same for both parents - whether the one who gets the child support or the one who pays the same. A financial affidavit aims to help courts understand the financial condition of a family, so as to determine the proper child support amount. Know about the top 3 things that should be included in a Family Law Financial Affidavit in Florida.

Debts and assets

You have to list all of these on your own affidavit sample. The assets are likely to include savings accounts, checking accounts, brokerage accounts, IRAs, money markets and more. These can also comprise of vehicles, real estate, jewelry, art etc. The debts comprise of student loans, automobile loans, personal loans, mortgages, credit cards and more.

Monthly Living Expenses

Most of the affidavits need that you list all the monthly costs. It might be the most challenging aspects of the affidavit form that have to be completed. The monthly expenses consist of fixed expenses like car and rent payments, mortgage payments and also fluctuating expenses such as entertainment and foods. It is useful to review bank statement and find out the amount that you can spend on different things every month. For more information about getting an affidavit in Delaware, please visit this website.

Children's Information

You need to include information about adopted children, other than your natural children. You have to explain the place of residence of your kids, their place of occupation, where they studied from and more. You should also mention in the affidavit form online whether any of kids have some special needs. Most of these forms need you to explain how the health insurance for your children is paid, and whether they are benefited by any trust or life insurance policy. Please visit this website for more info about legal forms.

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