Tips Directly From The Secret Society Who Plans Their Own Nuptials

Posted by rohit on June 17th, 2019

Planning on a wedding where everything is personally planned by you? It is a great probability that you’re tired of all those monotonous weddings that you’ve been to. I, myself, am not a fan of such a wedding and think that a wedding, being a once in a lifetime event, must be customized as per your choice to the finest of the details.

If you think the same way, then welcome to the secret squad. Yes, talking about the secret society, you might think who are they? This society has some very influential people, and just to name a few, it’s me. So, now that you’re here too, I wholeheartedly welcome you to the elite club.

So, now that we have cleared all that out, let’s begin to discuss the creative ideas that I have in my mind. These are some things that I think will be incorporating in my own wedding and can help you out too.

Avoid The Usual Venues

There is a venue in every city that is so famous that everyone wants to tie their knots there. Steer clear of it! They’ll surely charge a fortune. What you must do instead is to find a place that is less common. Be it a coffee shop, a restaurant, or even your friend’s own backyard, choose the one that’ll be most comfortable for you. You might have to get through an extra trouble coordinating the vendors but it’ll all be worth in the end.

Use Your Friend’s Skills!

Is any of your friend good at designing? Then just grab her and get a custom-made wedding card for yourself(I have already decided on the one). You can ask her to make some matching invitations and ceremony cards as well, which will be a great addition and will surely send your guests in awe.

Assign A Trusted Friend To Be Your Wedding Co-Ordinator

Is it hard to find an affordable wedding planner in Mumbai? Then, go ahead and give the responsibility to a friend who is great at getting along with people. He can be your go-to person if in-case any problem arises and can also be the one to interview the different vendors. You can also go ahead and tell him to be there to tie up any loose ends on the day of the wedding if need be.

Get Yourself A Custom-Made Gown

Be the trendsetter for your friends and family members and get yourself a wedding gown that’s made especially for you. It might feel like a splurge item and you might think that it is a waste of money, but it will be the center of attraction and you’ll definitely love when you’ll see those hundreds of jaw-drops as soon as you enter the venue.

Surprise The Guests With Unexpected

According to me, the most important thing for any wedding is to actually include the guests in the celebrations. I don’t get the idea of many weddings where people come, have food, and just leave. Without going overboard, you can actually please your guests by preparing a performance by the groom or yourself. You can also have your best friend to sing a song dedicated to you. To include the guests, even more, try setting up a photo booth or put up various you & guests’ framed photographs all around the venue.

Food Is The Absolute Priority

Guests at every wedding, love having food. So, you must give the food the utmost priority. You must serve your guests some lip-smacking delicacies that’ll make their mouth water. You must carefully select every item on the menu and taste everything yourself before confirming it.

Thank Your Guests

It’ll be really a great gesture to thank your guests to be a part of your celebrations. Dedicate a speech to your guests and share your love story. The only trick here is to be authentic, funny and a total heartthrob and take your guests on a journey of emotions that’ll make them laugh and make them cry.

These were a few ideas, that I will surely be including in my wedding planning and being an integral part of the secret society you can steal them too. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your awesome wedding...!!!

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