How to Fix 5 Common Windows Error Resolved?

Posted by Alina Stevens on June 17th, 2019

Despite the fact that, Windows is the most prominent operating system throughout the world, users experience numerous errors like the Blue screen, missing DLL records and so on. However, if any issues befall Windows perceive the problem and warn users with an error message. In some cases, it's extremely difficult to adapt these kinds of blunders. Henceforth, in this post, we will focus on the 5 most common Windows errors with their answers.

BSOD or Blue Screen of Death

It is a regular but deadly Windows system fault that shows dire hardware or software concerns in your device. BSOD error grounds drive exploitation, data loss, and often costs the system files. It’s a safety measure in Windows OS to evade severe and more harm to the system due to hardware or device driver issues.

Following are the causes for BSOD Error:

•Corrupt or damaged device drivers

•Old hardware

•Malware or virus

•Misconfigured BIOS settings

•Drive Errors because of logical and mechanical issues

•Depraved zones and corrupt file

•Damaged or Corrupt system file

•RAM errors

In order to resolve BSOD error, users can run Check Disk utility to repair disk or you can contact technician by calling Microsoft Windows customer service.


Windows users generally face an error message entitled 'not a valid Win32 Application'. This Windows OS problem befalls when users attempt to open a program or file having an .exe extension. There may be numerous causes for the existence of the error such as trying to open a 64-bit program on a 32-bit Windows version, program's file is missing, Virus infection or file is not compatible with the Windows operating system. In such circumstance, it is necessary to run System File Checker to recuperate missing system files.

DLL files are missing

DLL missing or DLL not found while launching an application and it is considered as the most common issue in Windows. The error keeps you from running a specific program. DLL contains code that can be used by different projects in the meantime. This Windows OS issue is triggered by different reasons including corrupt DLL file, malware infusion, or hardware breakdown. This error can be settled by running a System File Checker (sfc.exe).

Fatal Exception errors

In a computing device various applications and hardware share memory with each other. In case any program fails to get request fulfilled, it will become prone to error and started showing unhandled exceptions, and the program may even get crashed. If you see this error on your device call Microsoft Window Phone Number.

Windows Get Freeze

Almost every Window user is aware of the freezing issue, it stops the device and the screen becomes unresponsive. There might be several reasons behind this issue which include incompatibilities of any application with Windows or some malware, virus infection, hardware, and outdated drivers. In order to resolve this issue, try to open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc command and end all the running process.

These above mentioned are the top 5 common Windows errors which generally users came across while using Windows. In case you need any help and assistance regarding windows errors dial Microsoft Customer Care without any hesitation.

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