Data Science: The whirlwind revolution of the 21st Century

Posted by Expert Digi on June 17th, 2019

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a vast and complicated term that generally refers to extracting meaningful data from vast heaps and piles of data. This process of extracting required and meaningful data is done through complex processes of data interference, algorithmic developments, etc. The term Data Science was created by Peter Naur in 1960 and further, the first statistical usage of the term was done by C.F. Jeff Wu in his conference in 1997.

What skills are needed for data science and why do it?

Data Science is a proportionate mixture of data analysts, ethical hackers, and core programs. So as a successful data scientist, someone will need a good command over mathematics, programming and analytical thinking. A data scientist also needs to be able to come up with a solution for some critical problems keeping in mind some obligations and requirements.

As the title suggests, data science is the new revolution in this era of cloud computing and machinery. Thus, a data scientist is well recognized and data science jobs also pay well. Moreover, the chance to participate in the change of society can't be done away with. So pursuing a course in data science seems to be a proud option now. 

Applications and requirements of Data Science in today's world:

As the 21st century keeps progressing, the amount of data to be stored is increasing exponentially. All the data that is being stored on servers need to be sorted and kept according to use and need. When searched for, only important and required data should emerge while the non-essential shouldn't. This is where data science comes into the picture. Data science can help with efficient recognition of data and help in sorting the data according to the versatile needs of the society.

Some applications of data science are as follows:

  •          Internet Search – Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. use data science algorithms to deliver the best and most sought-after results when something is searched for. These search engines handle tons of data per second; without the use of data science algorithms, the search would have been like finding a needle in a haystack
  •          Recommendations – Nowadays most web apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc display data based on the user's past records and preferences. This autoplay and recommended videos always use data science algorithms to filter and sort what the users like.
  •          Image Recognition – This piece of technology is becoming pre-dominant in smartphones, smartwatches and even with laptops and computers. The process of how a computer understands the facial contours and textures and stores it in its database for further comparison and reference is also because of data science.
  •          Speech Recognition – Nowadays, voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Microsoft Cortana, etc. use data science as the crux of programming to analyze and record how someone speaks. These voice assistants help us to search for something without having us to type. This process is completed with the help of data science algorithms and recessive programming.

In today's busy life technology has replaced the work of secretaries, alarm clocks, weather forecasts and many more. All these brilliant and beautiful advancements have been possible only because of certain individuals who have tried their best to make both ends meet. These certain individuals use data science as the pathway between man and technology and thus it's our duty to respect and honor them.

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If you like to mingle with computers and have good command of mathematics and like to think analytically, then data science can brighten your future. These are the data science courses in Pune and will help you boost your way through this field.

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