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Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence. It is a programming computer in order to optimize a performance criterion using past experience or example data. That means it improves the performances of the intelligent programs and learns from the past experiences.

There is no requirement of knowledge engineer in machine learning. It is scalable in constructing knowledge base. It is adaptive to the changing conditions and easy in migrating to new domains.

The objective of machine learning is to build computer systems that may adopt & learn from their past experience. The relationship between the variables of a system is discovered by the machine learning algorithms from the direct samples of the system.  These variables include input, output and hidden. There are various fields from which these algorithms are originated. These fields are statistics, theoretical computer science, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, etc. There are sub-fields of machine learning. These subfields include supervised learning, reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning and semi-supervised learning.

Applications of machine learning include web search, computational biology, E-commerce, finance, robotics, information extraction, space exploration, social networks, debugging.

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