The 3 Types of Clothes Dryers

Posted by Radmin on June 17th, 2019

For most people, a clothes dryer is an important appliance to have. With a push of a button, your newly washed clothes dry up in a jiffy, and there's no need for you to hang your laundry on a drying rack our outside on a line.

If you don't have this amazing laundry solution, you can drop by an appliance shop and look for clothes dryers on sale. Learn the 3 different types before buying one.


This is the most common and cheapest of all 3 types of machines. It can also handle loads weighing up to 20 pounds. It heats air and blows it inside the drum, where the clothes are located. The liquid is extracted from the garments during the drying process and released out of an open space or window using a ducted hose or vent.


Unlike the first type of dryer, this one doesn't require much ventilation. It's slightly more expensive and ideal for apartment living because you're not required to put it in a room with windows. This is most helpful as you'll save on extra costs for remodeling the home.

Condensing types work by extracting the moisture from the warm and damp air that has passed through your clothes. The extracted water vapor is recycled rather than expelled from the machine and stored in a tank that needs to be emptied.

Heat Pump

This machine is priced higher than the 2 other clothes dryers for sale. It's extremely energy efficient and doesn't need vents to release heat or a tank to hold water vapor. Like the condenser, it works well in a windowless room. Since it allows the air to be recycled, this type can save energy by 50%.

It works by converting the air from warm and damp to cool and dry using a small built-in heat pump. Once heated, it enters the drum and dries the clothes; the pump cools the air, and the machine drains the water. The pump will then reheat the air, repeating the process. 

When it comes to making your selection, just pick the one that best suits your needs. Some may cost more than others, but you can always find an appliance store that offers clothes dryers on sale. You can explain your situation, and they’ll direct you to the appropriate unit.

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