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Posted by preform nicole on June 18th, 2019

Commonly used are people's daily necessities such as: bottles, cans, baby products, sporting goods, etc., blow molding products molding defects will appear product pitting, raw materials are not dry enough, Pet Preform Mould temperature is too high or too low; product deformation , heat preservation, holding time is too short, local pet preform mold overheating; product wall thickness and weight is not easy to master, matching caliber adjustment.
    There are bright lines on the surface of the product, the local temperature is too high; a small amount of oil is mixed; the die is not cleaned; the wires and papers in the die are chores;
    If the blow molding product has poor impact resistance, it may be because the material temperature is too low; the wall thickness of the product is uneven; the toughness of the raw material is not enough; the wall thickness of the product is too thin.
    What should I do when the blow molding product is deformed?
1. Insulation, holding time is too short; 2. The product is difficult to demould, forced out; 3. Product placement is not standardized; 4. Product is not stereotyped; 5. Product accumulation is too high; 6. Local mold overheating; The air pressure of the high pressure blowing is too low. 8. The high pressure blowing time is too short.
    Choosing a reliable Pet Preform Manufacturers can help you avoid the above problems. Jilian mold is your good choice. We are experts in this field. I believe we will never let you down.

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