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There are different practices that people get themselves into with or without their own will. Sometimes we feel a deep desire of contentment and unfortunately have no understanding of how to go through it. Although some habits are beneficial, some ends up becoming our addiction.

One of the practices that some people and especially the young generation have found themselves getting involved in is cannibalism. Cannibalism is not only a practice but for many people it has become an obsession and an addiction.

For those people who are new to this term, here is a simple description of what sexual cannibalism. Sexual cannibalism takes place when a female partner cannibalizes her mate during, after or prior to copulation. Although this practice is most common in animals and especially insects, it is also evident in humans.

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How did sexual cannibalism evolve?

There are a number of hypothesis used to explain how this practice evolved. These hypotheses are: the aggressive spillover hypothesis, the adaptive foraging hypothesis and the mistaken identity hypothesis. It has also been believed that this behavior was brought about by sexual conflict that occurs when the reproductive interest of a male and a female differ.
In many species where sexual cannibalism is common, the female consume their male counterparts upon detection. Females of cannibalistic species are normally hostile and unwilling to mate. On the other hand, the male of these species have come up with different adaptive behaviors that help them to counteract female aggression. Chennai escorts girls help to understand the nature of such man


Causes of sexual cannibalism in human


Unlike other species, some human also practice sexual cannibalism although it is very rare. Although the practice is a bit different when it comes to humans, it is also termed as cannibalism. For humans, this practice is not very intense. The female attacks the male in a very shallow manner that is not meant to cause any harm.

Although animals practice this as a way of defending and avoiding mating, humans practice it as a religious requirement, addiction or a way of spicing up their sexual experience. For animals, this is done unawares where the female attacks the male unawares but in humans, it is planned at hand.

This practice has however remained very rare among humans. This is because, it is a very dangerous practice and at the same time, one can easily become addicted which would make it difficult for them to enjoy normal sexual practices.  
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