Which devops automation tools are the best?

Posted by Lisa Williams on June 18th, 2019

Today, most business organizations have started adopting Devops practices for their IT programs. Devops practices refer to a set of methods and activities which bring in a synergy between the core software development activities and the work dynamics of the team that is carrying forward the development work. Devops practices eliminate the older system of step wise work flow of development activities. In Devops, every step of the software development process is started simultaneously and runs hand in hand until they end simultaneously. There are a number of software’s and tools available in the market which help in facilitating Devops practices. However, you should not blindly invest in any software. If you want to ensure that the tools effectively handle all your software development activities, you must consult with experts.

There are a number of IT consulting firms that suggest which Devops tools should be procured by business organizations. They do not simply name any tool which is doing well in the market in terms of sales. The consulting firms study the software development process of the business organization in order to judge which tool would best serve the purpose of Devops. Now, one might argue that the investment to hire an IT consulting firm would be too much. However, if you want to procure the perfect automation tool, there is no better way than taking suggestions from a consulting firm.

Once you procure and install the Devops automation tool, your duty does not end. You must conduct a thorough testingto check whether the development processes are running as desired. Tool testing also refers to the continuous improvement of the functioning of the automation tool that has been used for software development. The testing of the tool is conducted in regular intervals and if any kind of flaw is detected, it is addressed on an immediate basis. If there is any kind of scope of improvement spotted in the system, the same is implemented without any delay. The implementation of new changes might halt the software development process but the returns after the changes would definitely exceed the loss incurred.

This is exactly the objective of Devops, to minimize the loss of the organization by thorough fool proof processes. In this regard, you can also hire the services of Devops consulting. There are a number of third party agencies in the market today which provide consulting for Devops practices. These agencies have ample knowledge about the various tools used for Devops practices and will bring the cycle time of testing to a minimum.

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