Why You Should Not Delay CME

Posted by auntminniecme on June 18th, 2019

Just about everyone delays Continuing Medical Information (CME) as long as they can. Work, life, fun, all eat into time a person can dedicate to CME and that sometimes means it gets pushed off for the sake of the other three. Here is why if you have some radiology CME requirements for your job, you should not delay and get it completed as soon as possible.

It Is Required

Like it or not, have time for it or not, radiology CME is a requirement for many radiology jobs. Pushing it off just means you have to scramble to be in compliance with your work requirements. The penalties for noncompliance are not worth the temporary delay you get in all but exceptional circumstances.

It Piles Up

Delaying CME only means the next round will come soon after you complete the current round. That means you will be in a perpetual cycle of having to take CME when it might be inconvenient or always juggling in order to put it off or fit it in. If you are the type of person who thrives in a classroom environment once you get immersed in it, this approach may work for you. For the rest of us, CME requirements piling up just means a greater effort to fit it in.

Stress Reducer

Knowing you have CME requirements hanging over you is never fun. Knowing you have to take classes and pass them, for many, is additional stress. The only real way to alleviate that source of stress in your life is to get your radiology CME requirements out of the way! Delaying it, even for a day or a week, will not reduce the requirements or the stress. Getting it over with not only will reduce your stress level, but it will also give you a breather until the next CME requirements come due.

Career Growth

Very few of us are planning to be in our current position for our entire career. Without appropriate CME, however, job advancement in some positions is not possible. Worse, in some cases, completing CME is part of the promotion requirement process, whether you move up the ladder or not! Having up-to-date CME also can help you with a job search; a hiring board is much more likely to look at you if you have the required training than if you need to get it.

Personal and Professional Growth

Knowing the latest in radiology topics helps you professionally and personally. It lets you be the best you can be at your job.

Radiology CME is more than just a requirement for career growth. It helps you become better at what you do and more knowledgeable. Plus, delaying it does not make it go away!

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