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Posted by esha jose9 on June 18th, 2019

Its always important to purchase a phone with a good camera for capturing memories. You will find many new mobile phones with different camera specifications these cameras are used to click photographs and also record videos on the go. You will find many smartphone companies in the market offering different camera features and every smartphone manufacturer proclaims to have the best camera phone. It's very important to keep in mind few points before purchasing a new mobile phone.

Smart phone Features to keep in mind

Most of the latest camera phones have few options while taking a picture. You will find a menu,

onscreen button to activate flash and filters. These filters change the appearance of an photograph by increasing brightness and contrast of an image.


 There are many online mobile shopping portals offering mobile phone cameras with high megapixel. A single megapixel amounts to exactly one million pixels in an image and the more the megapixels the higher the quality of the image. However, megapixels are not the only important feature required there are many new smartphones manufactures offering smartphone cameras with autofocus, a good powerful flash amazing zoom levels for capturing great images. The latest mobile phones in the market come with a 48MP + 5MP dual rear camera with a 6P lens. These smartphones can click great pictures in low light and it's very important to test the performance of a smart phone in low light.

Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode is also a great feature for a rear camera which takes clear pictures if the background is unimpressive.

AI artificial intelligence

There are new phones introduced with artificial intelligence to improve the camera performance and quality of the photos. These phones automatically adjust their settings for a perfect click.


What about the cost?

Today because of the aggressive market smart phones are available at great prices. You can purchase a smart phone between 7000 to 25000 having an impressive camera and great features with a classy look.

Dual lens camera

This is another feature you can keep in mind. Nowadays, everyone looks for a camera with dual lens feature. This means that two lenses on the camera have different features. One could be wide angle lens and another could be telephoto lens. One is for wider shots and another is for a sharper one. This sometimes eliminates the need to zoom to clarify the picture.

HDR - High dynamic range

What's the point of images if they are not of good quality? This ensures that. High resolution video is for the videos you capture. Other features to keep in perspective while looking for a smartphone with good camera are auto focus, auto filters and auto detecting flash.

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