Camping Gear Storage Tips For Regular Campers

Posted by Anna on June 18th, 2019

If you camp regularly you will benefit from reading these effective tips to help you store your camping gear between adventures.

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If you go camping regularly, congratulations, you benefit from plenty of fresh air and outdoor exposure, which is an amazing feat in today's busy and bustling world. However, if you do camp regularly you know that with the fun of camping comes the responsibility of having lots and lots of camping gear. Most campers have more than just a tent, which, if big enough, can be its own challenge to keep free from mould and damage. To help you maintain a great regular camping packing and storing routine, so your gear is as ready for the next adventure as you are, take a look at these storage tips for regular campers:

Keep It Dry

Moisture when you store items is a huge problem. It can cause stains, mould, mildew, rotting and bad smells. It is so important to dry all of your gear out before you store it so that you don't come back to a real mess when the time comes to camp again.

Keep It Organised

Always organise your gear in the way that makes it as easy as possible to use and prepare when you access it again. Think of the version of yourself arriving at the campsite and how you might like to access the different items, then pack and store in that way.

Keep It Somewhere Appropriate For Storage

Keep your camping gear somewhere dry, free from pests, free from dust and free from extreme temperatures. That may be your garage, your shed, or perhaps you use cheap self storage for the most effective storage for your camping gear. Cheap self storage (see is especially useful if you don't use your camping gear off-season, or if you camp regularly and use a lot of gear that you don't want to fill your house.

Keep It Packed As Directed By The Manufacturer

Obviously, some camping items will be packed in a bag or container that you place them in. However some items, such as the tent, are meant to be packed in a certain way and you should always try to do that, rather than just shove everything in a bag. The reason the items are packed in a certain way is to keep them in the right condition for long-term use, to protect them and keep everything where it should be. So the tent, the camping cooker, camping chairs and anything else that comes with a protective case or carrier, should be packed as directed to keep it in the best possible condition.


It may sound strange to say declutter your camping gear, but how many years in a row has that broken tent peg found its way bag in the tent bag? How many empty gas canisters are still floating around the odds and sods box? Always declutter before storing to ensure you are only every storing and transporting items you use.

Hopefully these tips have helped you feel a little more prepared for the process of packing and storing your camping gear between adventures. Preparation really is key when it comes to camping, and by storing your gear well, you leave a lot more room for preparing for an amazing time on your next trip.

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