TPE Sex doll and silicone sex doll

Posted by jsuntech on June 18th, 2019

From now on, more and more people are accepting sex doll, and some also want to have one own, 

there are main 2 material love dolls on the market

One is TPE sex doll, anther silicone sex doll

Which one is better? that main according to your requirements, most the Silicone sex doll are expensive because the art is more difficult,and takes much time to make a doll, also the material cost more than TPE doll, so the silicone doll is lovered by much customers who want to collect dolls, also like photographers , Silicone love doll are not only adult toys but also art of work.

For TPE sex doll, the material is very softable, and flexible, so they are more popluar to the single man, there are much differenty type tpe love doll, and different shape of the body to meet different customers , and the price is more cheaper than the silicone sex doll 

that's also why it's more and more popular for now.

So which love doll do you prefer?

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