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Best Company That Provides IHC Troubleshooting Tips

Posted by Immuno Staining on June 19th, 2019

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) combines histological, immunologic and organic chemistry techniques to detect the presence of specific protein marker that can assist with a specific antibody reaction labelled with a visible label.IHC makes it possible to envision the distribution and localization of specific cellular components within a cell or tissue.

Immunohistochemistry permits the visualization of proteins in tissue while retaining its microstructure Immunohistochemistry helps to demonstrate the precise position and distribution of the protein-of-interest. IHC is a crucial technique widely used in different medical research laboratories and clinical diagnostics

Troubleshooting problems commonly encountered during Immunehistochemical staining.

Immunohistochemistry Staining

Immunostaining uses antibodies to detect an antigen in cells or tissue. The major benefit of Immunostaining in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is the ability to see the desired target in a tissue sample while maintaining the spatial context and tissue architecture.

Types of staining

  • Weak or No Staining
  • Over Staining
  • High Background

Firstly, let’s see 8 regular problems in IHC and then the quick troubleshooting list includes Trouble in the primary antibody, Concentration of antibody is too high/ Excessive incubation of antibody, DAB staining lasts too long, Endogenous biotin or enzyme, Tissue becomes dry, Rinse slide in buffer overnight, Insufficient clearance and Blocking buffer

These are many possible causes for poor staining results, and now it’s time for quick troubleshooting tips which includes.

IHC Troubleshooting Tips

  • Use High-Quality Sections
  • Ensure Optimal Fixation
  • Avoid Section Adhesion Problems
  • Avoid Concentration Gradients
  • Choose Antibody Carefully
  • Read Specification Sheets
  • Optimize Retrieval Methods
  • Consider Antibody Cross-reactivity
  • Block Endogenous Peroxidise
  • Avoid Background Staining
  • Use an Appropriate Detection System
  • Standardize Washing Steps
  • Optimize Counterstaining
  • Use Appropriate Controls
  • Evaluate Results Carefully

A simple, but sometimes overlooked step is to choose antibodies that work for Immunohistochemistry carefully. This can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Search for specific antibodies from literature, vendors, as well as your peers.

Boster Bio is one of the leading antibody manufacturers specializing in high-sensitivity, high-specificity, ELISA kits, and WB/IHC compatible antibodies. Our antibodies are thoroughly validated for varied applications including IHC, WB, ELISA, and Flow Cytometry.

Boster bio was founded in the year 1993 by famed histologist Steven Xia. We have spent the last two and half decades perfecting our techniques and technology and our products have been well-cited in over 23,000 publications.

With the help of Boster IHC Troubleshooting Tips Specific Staining or more, you can achieve the best results. Moreover, our Team Boster strives to provide you the best IHC tips.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that IHC has become an indispensable tool for pathologists in both everyday practice and basic research for elucidating the path physiology of the diseases. And Boster antibody is one of the finest antibodies for IHC Troubleshooting Tips.

For more details to know about Boster Antibody & ELISA Experts please visit our website HERE; https://immunostaining.info/

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