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Posted by StevenHWicker on June 19th, 2019

Even though many science teachers presume that digital microscopes cost more than traditional ones, that’s a myth. They actually cost much less and you need only one per classroom.

On the other hand, in a traditional science classroom, you usually have 10 or more microscopes, which the students use one by one.

With a Chromebook digital microscope, you can use just one and be able to project the image from the microscope camera for everyone to see.

When you compare costs, you can get a SmartMicroScope 5M for 9 and equip the entire classroom with just this one device. It also comes with the Online Learning Portal included. This is a microscope software program which includes microscope investigations for different levels of education.

There is the Elementary digital microscope program, which includes 20 investigations aligned to the standards of over 20 US states, in regards to science education.

For Middle Schoolers, Middle School microscope investigations offer 20 different projects, along with ready-made student handouts. It’s aligned to the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS).

High schoolers use the Biology microscope program to perform advanced microscope activities of the US curriculum. They also include 20 different investigations like DNA extraction or Plant Hormones. High school microscopes for students offer a perfect introduction to advanced STEM sciences and college preparation.

When you take into consideration that you receive the access to all these materials, along with a mobile, handheld and versatile chromebook microscope camera device, it’s much more cost-effective than purchasing a single traditional microscope.

If you don’t want to switch from your traditional microscopes, but want to go digital, you can purchase the SmartMicroScope Optix, which allows you to project the image from your traditional microscope on an Apple, Android or Chrome OS device. It turns an outdated, traditional microscope into a digital microscope for iPad.

There are also other iPad microscope options like the SmartMicroScope iGo2. It has an Apple and Android app, which you and your students can use to connect the microscope camera image to your phones. From there, you can view, record, compare or annotate microscope camera images and use them for discussion and learning.

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