Is SMS Marketing Effective Tool?

Posted by james Moores on June 19th, 2019

More technology is being developed every day, once the only posters, landline and direct posters were used, later tools such as fax, email were also used, but with the advancement of technology and the spread of mobile use the opportunity to use a connection The client was created directly with the name of the SMS.

Today, every person checks for more than 100 times his mobile phone and works for hours with this device. By creating virtual communities for cell phones and smarting them, the percentage of using this tool is much larger and wider., As the number of mobile phones is currently equal to the Earth's population.

Currently, and in our beloved the US State targeted traffic, the use of this device has also been widespread, as sometimes people use different phones for two or more reasons, these statistics show you an incredible opportunity. To connect with a market that has a lot of audiences.

Most people will read SMS messages, according to statistics, 95% of people will read these messages, that is, your message will be transmitted, but if you do not know the principles of SMS marketing , make sure you never get it right. We also know that many people use this tool in the wrong way and cause the audiences to misery, they can be said to annoy the audience, but if you know the principles of SMS marketing you are sure to be very effective for you.

My own marketing SMS story

Almost six years ago, when many people used SMS marketing to introduce their products and services at a widespread level, but did not get the right feedback, I used this method to sell a special software for Meteor Housing Cooperative, which was our own production. , So that I initially chose my target market and then I gathered the information I needed, then by sending messages scheduled and in certain timeframes, in such a way that I could have over 60 copies in 3 months Sell ​​this software, if my advertising cost was no more than 50 thousand dollars.

It was a good success for me because I did not make any costly advertising, but I had a good profit from this, now that I'm writing this article, I still have this version of my software and only the number of copies through SMS marketing.

But SMS marketing should be used in such a way that it does not cause any disturbance to the contact, and your product or service can really meet the customer's needs or benefit.

Should and should not be in SMS marketing

Now many businesses are buying number banks and sending SMS messages through it, this is one of the failed methods, try to create a number for yourself. Know more about them and be able to have targeted web traffic and effective marketing. Most of the text that is used for SMS marketing is in trouble. In this way, since the only tool for your communication is the text, then you should pay a lot of attention to it, so never rush to write the text, and little for that time. Let the.

In your SMS, invite the customer to take an action, for example, asking him to ask for a free consultation to contact you, or by sending a number to get more information, this way you can measure the impact of your SMS marketing. Take

Never try to send a text message to your mobile phone because you will never be able to use the features needed for this marketing method, and will also have a more negative impact on your marketing, the speed of sending, as well as the cost of sending with a mobile phone. There are many more and many other factors that make using SMS panels more cost-effective and sensible.

Be sure when you buy a mass SMS bulletin board, note that features such as phone book with sorting, scheduled posting, online charging, control panel via mobile phone, SMS reception and sending, possibility to Hold a poll and SMS, SMS messenger and the ability to back up information, so you can use imaginable e-commerce marketing with the right tools. If you also want to use this cheap but effective tool to increase sales and communicate with customers in an effective way, I will offer you the product of targeted email marketing trick marketing training.

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