5 Important Things to Do in Print Promotion

Posted by james Moores on June 19th, 2019

Many businesses do not have the ability to use print ads in newspapers or journals because such ads are often expensive to use, which is why these businesses sometimes use single-color promotional tracks. They do. But if you'd like this promotional tracker to be more effective then you should take a few points to get a better result, these tips are very simple and inexpensive.

Type of paper in printed matter

Unfortunately, many people without regard to colorless paper use no quality, most of the time, your beautiful design is not seen at all because of the use of these non-quality paper and your message will not be transmitted. My suggestion is to use 80 grams white paper, this small and simple change can show your message more clearly and your design between those paper colors does not disappear

Color in print ads

If you do not currently want to use color trays and want to use only monochrome tracks, you may sometimes not be able to fine-tune a portion of your message so that a better viewer can see it. A simple, very cheap offer, is the use of dual color printing (red and black), you can showcase the part of your message that you want to move better in red.

Headline role in print advertising

Every print advertisement starts with a headline, and according to all the marketing specialists, all readers will decide based on the headline of each ad, and if your headline is just a brand, your ad may not be read. Try to pick a good headline with some creativity. Some time ago, an ad that attracted my attention and was very creative in using the theme of the day. "buy cheap website traffic" A very interesting and fascinating headline that has been able to It was very successful. Now it's your turn to choose a good headline.

Print advertising style

Unfortunately, most businesses do not have a precise goal of distributing these print ads and they are going to play them without purpose, but if you have a specific target before that, you will play a lot better and more targeted advertising.

Ask yourselves a few questions for the purpose of your target market:

1. Is your prospective client’s ladies or gentlemen?

2. What are these people, in principle, at what age range?

3. What are your favorite clubs or leisure clubs?

4. Are your customers students?

If you can answer the four questions perfectly, you will find out which places are suitable for your printed advertising, your customers may be young women who use at least one fish at a particular barbershop and if you can Distributing your print ads in partnership with the same place will surely bring you a better result.

When you shop from a store, you'll always be looking for a good feeling, and if you do not have a good sense of your purchase, you'll be able to give up 99% of your purchase and you'll never go back there!

1. Impact of the seller's behavior on creating a good feeling

If at a glance, the deal with the customer may have a great effect on creating a good sense of the customer, because in the first 30 seconds, an individual always has an impact on the audience, and if you do not do well in the next 30 seconds, The opportunity to compensate will not be as simple as that

2. Understanding customer behavior to create a good feeling

But there are other things besides the proper deal that can increase this feeling and lead to more sales, many vendors do not pay attention to this and try to deal with all customers in the same way! You should know your customer type, maybe you've come to see that a customer enters your store and begins to look at the product without a question, and when you try to help the person immediately leave your store. And you'll probably be upset, let's say some of these vendors may say what these customers are behind!

But here you are to blame and if criticized, you should be criticized for yourself, because you did not know your customer! These clusters of people are extremely shy and try not to talk to them before making a special decision or asking themselves, otherwise, the result is the same as that said.

They like to look for themselves, they like it, and in the end, they ask if there are questions, so try to investigate a bit about the behavior of their customers so that they do not make such mistakes.

3. Have a good behavior and make a good sense

But there are other ways to create a good sense of the customer, for example, when the weather is hot and the customer wants to buy or not to come to your store, give them a glass of cool water, this simple move It can create a very good sense of the customer and rethink your purchase.

4. Provide useful information to make you feel good

If you sell a specialty, try to get enough information about it, and even get that information from other competing products if the customer asks you a question, you can transfer useful information to the customer. Today's customers are thirsty for information and they want to know why they should buy your product, the cost of customers has changed, and they want to spend their money in a way to make them feel good, so you can get in. Providing enough information about the product and its benefits in a correct and principled way make this a good customer experience. Of course, do not try to lie or talk too much, you must give the customer the opportunity to ask other questions. If you lie a little, tell your customers wrists and you will lose your credibility. Seeking web traffic from mobile, popular social media sites and more? Mobile traffic is a powerful element to any business development strategic plan.  Ask us today how buying targeted Social Media Traffic can help you to buy mobile traffic and achieve your goals!

You may sell a mobile phone and one of your phones has two very close models, one single SIM card and the other two SIM cards, these phones, in principle, have different differences in their hardware, other than the difference in SIM card numbers. Unfortunately, many vendors do not pay attention to such information, and if a customer asks for a question, they cannot provide the right answer, so you can try to get that exact information about your product.

This detailed and elegant information can create a very good sense of the customer, and if this feeling is well created, it's likely that your customer will be pocketing. I suggest that if you want to use this method, please refer to the article for marketing and sales. Be sure to read your advisor.

5. Promotional gifts and make a good sense

One more tip at the end of this article, which I would like to tell you dear friends and sellers, is that you do not overlook advertising gifts. Perhaps, at first glance, making such gifts seem a bit expensive, of course, I do not agree with this at all, but the effect This kind of gifts will be left to the customer. It cannot be expressed in any way.

Last year I suggested to one of the friends who run a dressing room boutique I ordered a number of glasses with the logo and the name of the store itself and will give customers who buy it as a gift to this beautiful glass, most of the customers after this They got a glass of smile of satisfaction on their lips and it was obvious we succeeded in creating a good sense of the customer, and more interestingly, this beautiful and inexpensive glass made the previous customers introduce us to newer customers, due to a It was a good feeling that we created them.

Promotional gifts of their kind can last for months and perhaps years, and your business name stays in the minds of customers and never forget that good feeling, I hope you can also create a good sense of your customers.

Conclusion of print advertising

Advertising in the physical world requires patience, if you expect a quick response after a broadcast, then never use ads! If you are looking to get an answer and increase sales by using this type of advertising, I suggest you be patient and adhere to this, repeatedly spreading this type of advertisement to get the desired result after some time.

Last word

Never have to hurry to have good print ads and get the right result, try to get some good results with print ads, get the best results, try to ad here to your ads, and try to get started with any printed ads! Observe.

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