Banner Ads Have 99 Problems And A Click Ain't One

Posted by james Moores on June 19th, 2019

You can see various forms of advertising for business marketing in various forms, advertising tracks, city billboards, brochures, in-box advertisements, magazines, and SMS.

But most of these advertising goals for targeted email marketing businesses are without result or result. Of course, I never say there is a problem with advertising and marketing tools, but it's a problem with how to use these tools! In this article, I will point to the first point that why such advertising did not result in good marketing. In all advertising, I see that business owners are using their brand name at the headline, the biggest mistake that can even destroy your entire marketing and advertising campaign.

You need a significant advertising headline, advertising should be written in the form of journalists, journalists are the best advertisers, and are always successful in marketing operations, they are always able to sell more by typing headlines.

Here, I can say, most ads are not successful and efficient because of the use of brand style, as well as the lack of proper headline and text. In the future, we will continue to do this.

Two real examples of the right text in advertising and marketing triumphs

1. The first case related to an English language school, and as soon as I saw the promotional tracks I realized that the text, structure, and gender of the inappropriate sheet were used, and therefore, it was difficult in my customer service, so immediately the headline We chose the appropriate text, then we changed the structure, the paperwork, and print quality, the target market, the results were satisfactory, and we were able to attract more customers with this small change. Interestingly, our printing was dyed (blue and red) and did not use expensive print.

2. The second one was about a hypermarket, unfortunately, it was a busy track, and it was not clear what their main message was to the customer, that is, the failure of advertising and marketing, so we first identified the message accurately, based on which headline We created the right text and used the same kind of paper and print as in the first example, after the player traffickers, the customer behavior quickly changed and added to their number. These are just two examples for familiarizing you with a good promotional text, sometimes a small change in the simplest marketing tool can boost your business, which may be considered as one of the main advertising tools Take advantage of But here I want to do another thing, and its adherence to your promotional method, if you do not follow your own way and only expect a quick result, you're surely losing your advertising budget quickly. Without making a result.

The use of the brand name is a time when you have a lot of loyal customers, at this moment you can trade your brand to a brand, most of the friends are mistaken in it, they think because a certain brand They are also trademarks. You will never have to buy cheap website traffic and use branding in advertising and marketing until you are loyal to customers (as well as a significant boom in your business). A business, before becoming a brand, needs to go through certain stages, maybe many brand names have been bothering to become a familiar name for years.

Formerly, within the site, an article entitled " 20 Steps to Successful Marketing and Promotion " was published on the website, which points out that a customer may receive your promotional message several times and eventually act. I'll read this article.

Of course, I would also point out that you should never rely solely on a tool for advertising, since this tool may lose its effect due to changes in customer behavior and you need to replace it, also if you only use one tool. You will not be able to communicate perfectly with your potential customers.

The combination of several promotional tools will make it possible for you to send your message in different ways to customers, in one way you can only transfer the text, and in the other way you can photograph the image and eventually you can transfer the video, or you can make the client Reaction to you.

Of course, the ultimate goal of any marketing and advertising campaign is to react to customer behavior, this reaction can be activated on one of your social networks or even a purchase, of course, the ultimate goal is not just to buy website traffic, but to support and attract Customer satisfaction is the main goal. One of the things that will lead to your failure in advertising will be the poor customer support, many businesses will no longer remember the customer after they've sold their products and not even answer them. By doing this, you will expect that the customer will use the power of oral marketing to your advantage and introduce your business to others and other friends. So, go back a little back and check the status of your relationship with previous customers.

 At the bottom of this article, please tell your experiences so that other readers can benefit from it, and as much as possible, we can help you, maybe we can learn something from your experience as everyone in the business There are experiences that we may not have experienced in any of the months.

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