The Ultimate Guide to Tech and Specifications for Laptop Buyers

Posted by esha jose9 on June 20th, 2019

What are the specifications of a good laptop?   

Hunting for a new laptop india? Has never been easy because of the different specifications, new models,upgraded processors and many laptop manufacturers offering a variety of laptops and notebook laptops.

What things to keep in mind before you buy laptop?  Check out below!

Selecting the OS

Before you order a laptop select the operating system. Most devices comes with windows, MAC and chrome OS.

The most used OS is the Windows.Mac is used in Mac Book which ranges around 60k to 50k. And windows laptops and notebooks are economical compared to MacBook and widely used.

The Crome Book

The crome book is also a good choice with the Google OS. It's a good pick for people who surf the internet, social media ,and send mails.

It also has a good battery life at an affordable price.if you are planning to buy one a Crome book with atleast 4Gb Ram and 16Gb of storage is a decent choice.

Selecting the right screen size

The smallest and compact laptops have a 11 to 12 inches screen and weights 2 to 3 kg. Buy laptop online and get great deals on this.

13 to 14 inches

Is a great choice however it should weight less that 4kg

15 inches

Laptop is one of the most popular sizes. 15inches weights between 5 to 6kgs

17 to 18 inchs

Laptop is a good choice only if it stays on the desk it's a great choice of you play a lot of high end games.

 Keyboard and touchpad

Always select a keyboard which has space between the keys also the touch pad should not have a jumpy cursor and should be smooth when used. Get best laptops for sale!


It's very important to have a good  processor and selecting a processor depends on your usage and what tasks you perform.

 Intel core i5

If you are on a hunt for a mainstream laptop for daily use, it's a great choice keeping performance and price in prospective.

 Intel core i7 - these processors use higher wattage and have 4 cores for faster gaming

Intel core i9

Is generally used on high-end laptops. It's preferred by gamers, purchasing a laptop with the above specifications you need deep pockets


Laptops are generally assembled with 2 to 3gb ram, but ideally a 8 GB ram keeps your system running smoothly,16gb is also a good fit if you can spend more.

Storage drive (Hard Disk)

A solid state drive SSD instead of a hard drive is a smart choice because you will see a huge difference in the speed and performance

 Keep these things in mind and select the perfect laptop computers for your needs.

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