Aromatic Olive Oils Market: Industry Growth Stratergies till 2027

Posted by PRIYANKA KULKARNI on June 20th, 2019

Olive oils are one of the major constituents in the Mediterranean diet and are evaluated on the basis of its fruity, bitterness and peppery content, thus offering broad spectrum for the players investing in the market. However, the pungent smell of the olive oils acts as a reluctant factor for its adoption among consumers in few regions. In order to mask the pungent smell, aromatic olive oils have been introduced, which are gaining significant popularity among the consumers. Though the flavours, aroma, taste of the olive oils depend upon various factors such as maturity of the olives, region of its cultivation, its processing age among others. As escalated demand for aromatic olive oils is being witnessed among the consumers, which has further led to the introduction of varied aroma types by the olive oil manufacturers.

The tantalising and exclusive aroma of aromatic olive oils is due to the occurrence of a large number of chemical compounds. Phenolic compounds have substantial effect on the olive oil aroma. Also, the aromatic component in the aromatic olive oils is due to the enzymatic activity of the volatile flavoured compounds that are formed in the olive fruit. Thus, the quality of the processing of the olive oils plays a significant role in its taste and aroma. Along with the ethnicity of aroma, aromatic olive oils are also rich in Vitamin E and D.

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Global Aromatic Olive Oils Market: Drivers and Restraints

Due to various curative properties of olive oils especially for diabetic and heart disease patients, it has gained vital importance in the global edible oils market. The aromatic component of olive oils also impart psychological therapeutic effects apart from curatives benefits. Thus upwelling the growth of aromatic olive oils market. However, immense precision and care is required in the processing of aromatic olive oils. As the aromatic component is volatile in nature such as aldehydes and esters, it may decompose off at high temperature during the milling process. Various yielding process also results in the reduction of aroma in the aromatic olive oils. Thus a lot of maintenance is required in the process of harvesting and extracting the aromatic olive oils. These factors hinder the growth of aromatic olive oils market. The age and storage conditions have significant role to play, as with age the aromatic content starts decreasing and if not kept under cool and dry storage conditions, the aromatic compounds may fickle. Furthermore, the desired concentration of aromatic content is obtained at optimal maturity stage of the olive fruit.

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Global Aromatic Olive Oils Market:  Region wise Outlook

The global aromatic olive oils market is distributed into seven regions, namely Latin America, Western Europe, North America, Japan, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Eastern Europe and Middle East and Africa (MEA). Europe is the leading player in the aromatic olive oils market. Among which Spain and Italy account for largest share as producers as well as exporters of aromatic olive oils. In North America region, US is the third largest consumer of aromatic olive oils. The market of aromatic olive oils is witnessing tremendous growth in Asia Pacific region as consumers have recognised the associated health benefits of olive oils. India and China witness increased demand for aromatic olive oils, as consumers are preferring aromatic olive oils as cooking oil.

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