WIMI Hologram AR's AI Vision Combines Holographic Finance Technology To Provide

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CHINA, June 18, 2019 by ACN Newswire - In the context of deleveraging, various formats in the financial sector, such as banking, insurance, and asset management, are facing some adjustments. In the field of Internet finance, the explosion of P2P has also made the industry be afraid of its shadow. However, both traditional and new finance now place financial technology at a very important strategic level. Artificial intelligence AI, big data, cloud computing, holographic AR, biological recognition and emerging block chains are all improving the financial efficiency.

When it comes to financial technology, people associate it with new finance. This concept was first proposed by Internet companies and the new financial industry. They also made the financial technology into a strategic transformation direction. For financial technology, banks obviously do not dare to neglect it. Not only Internet Finance companies, banks’ importance put to financial technology is unprecedented, and they also focus on the layout in this wave of financial technology. Especially large and medium-sized banks, their investment in financial technology is not less than that in the new financial sector.

Most banks have already undergone a transformation of new technology finance. Personal business can be handled by machine, and remote bank teller consulting service can also be provided for complex business through video systems. The realization of unmanned handling relies on a collection of technologies such as biological recognition, speech recognition, data mining, robots, VR, AR, and holographic projection. Now the banking system is involved in finance-related technologies such as big data, cloud computing, AI, block chain, biological recognition, and bio-assay, as well as the underlying trading system of banks, IT construction supporting business, etc. In terms of specific technology layout, there is little difference between banks and Internet –based financial technology companies.

The main responsibility of the bank is to serve its financial business, and help to acquire customers, control risks, optimize user experience and reduce operating costs. Financial technology companies can weaken their own financial business, but banks, as licensed institutions, develop financial technology to strengthen their own business. In the future, the industry pattern will be that financial technology companies sell technology to banks, and banks are engaged in the financial technology by themselves and also purchase financial technology services from outside. Therefore, large, medium and small-sized banks now have basically established strategic cooperation with financial technology companies.  

The technologies and skills represented by face recognition has long been darling of the financial industry. However, along with the development of the times, the scenario-based application in the financial market has become more diversified and complicated. The simple financial outlets can no longer meet the needs of customers. Providing financial services whenever and wherever possible, following customers’ heart and on demand can be invincible. WIMI Hologram AR launched a new application program for the financial sector and high-simulation AI vision to integrate into the AI algorithm stitching holographically, and serve the financial business multi-dimensionally.

The application of mobile Internet, face recognition and other technologies has enabled the financial service to naturally integrate into the user’s economic ecosystem and life circle. How can WIMI Hologram AR’s new AI visual “face technology” efficiently solve the anti-falsification of photos and videos. WIMI Hologram AR’s face recognition technology continues to upgrade the algorithm iteratively. Its purpose is to pursue unchanged false rejection rate and misjudgment rate or high safety factor. It is believed that with face recognition will play a greater role in the financial industry with the increasing maturity of technologies for improving face recognition security and accuracy.

In addition, WIMI Hologram AI visual application scenarios are very extensive, including counter, self-service, remote concentration and outside exhibition industry. As the online financial business continues to rise in the future, the demand for video interaction scenarios will be further expanded, and the financial scenario solution represented by AI visual recognition is a good entry point. Through Ai visual recognition system and some other solutions, the scenario-based solution can accumulate a large number of labeled operational data, which can be used to develop artificial intelligence image technology and “feed back” the optimization of the solution to form a closed loop of scenario technology. In particular, the expression, micro-expression recognition technology can be used in solutions for anti-fraud, marketing and other scenarios

Since the launch of online advertising of WIMI Hologram AR, it has been iteratively upgraded in the technical output. The coverage of WIMI Hologram AR’s cloud Internet advertising has also become wider and wider, and there are advertising cases in the medical care, automotive, financial, real estate, catering, games, home, fast selling and other industries. The deep integration of finance and technology is accelerating. In different application scenarios, the biological recognition technology required is not the same. Single biological recognition is difficult to meet the diverse needs in the future, and WIMI Hologram AR’s multi-modal biological recognition may become the future trend of financial technology.

WIMI is a provider of innovative AR holographic advertising technology. In contrast to traditional video advertisements, WIMI can place advertise based on changes in video traffic. During the implantation process, it can place advertisement without the limitation of advertising position, and can only place advertisement in the video with hot traffic. In this way, it will have a better customer experience and advertising benefits than traditional advertisement placement.

The online AR holographic advertisement placement is mainly applied to the filed of holographic scenario recognition technology, so that the holographic scenario advertisement placement is presented to the terminal customer through computer holographic visual technology. The terminal customer is difficult to distinguish from the video visual experience, smoothly accepting the content of holographic advertisement placed.

The holographic industry is a typical high-tech service industry, and every technological innovation and progress will promote the development of the industry continuously. For WIMI holographic cloud, the rapid progress of computer equipment, the improvement of intelligence, networking and digitalization, the upgrading of system hardware and software, the innovation of database technology and middleware technology, and the increasing emergence of new development platforms and design ides all constantly improve the service and technical level of the WIMI holographic cloud to a certain extent. The improvement of technology has promoted the continuous upgrading of services in the AR holographic industry. The continuous iteration of AR holographic presentation forms also enriches the expression of holographic visual communication and better meets the individual needs of customers. In addition, with the rapid expansion of network bandwidth and the gradual commercial popularization of 5G networks in recent years, the speed of digital content dissemination has accelerated. And the application of various high quality holographic content on the mobile will be more extensive, while the high-quality content can effectively enhance customer’s experience degree.

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