The Benefits Of Using Storytelling In Content Marketing And SEO

Posted by Suruchi Pandey on June 20th, 2019

The Benefits Of Using Storytelling In Content Marketing And SEO

As you’re all aware with the actuality that in order to catch hold the top rank of the SERP(search engine result page) for your website listing, you need to create highly optimized and knowledgeable content which makes both the search engine and the human reader happy and sensible.

Now, optimized SEO content probably doesn’t mean that you should write a blog/article full of keywords for getting a gamut of backlinks. Remember, your end goal is to make the reader happy so that they actually get captivated and converted into leads.

Putting a blog/article full of keywords and backlinks is ultimately going to give a bad impression to the reader and they’ll probably end up disregarding your website. As a result, you’ll simply lose their trust.

Hence, creating content that makes customers feel overwhelmed is always a better idea. But how to exactly write that captivating content that actually grabs their attention and turn their jaw watery?

And here is the simple answer, Storytelling.

Storytelling is a tactic that brands usually utilize with the aim of helping their target audience not only digest information about their products and services but form an emotional relationship that will lead them to remain loyal to the company for years to come.

Who is not fond of stories? I guess no one.

Irrefutably, storytelling has helped brands around the globe connect with their customers and increase brand loyalty.

Good stories can stimulate true emotions.”

Compelling stories are nothing but engaging pieces of content that amuse humans, offer new experiences, assist them to comprehend and memorize new things in a way better and above all keep them on your pages for longer, which Google loves to see.

Below, we’ll cover the benefits of storytelling in SEO and why it’s so critical to your marketing success.

Benefits Of Storytelling In Marketing And SEO

1. Stories Touch Emotions

Picture a scenario, you are watching a movie. Will you feel your hand or foot jerk during a fight or some frightening scene? Will you smile during a lovey-dovey scene? Feel red-faced for some character of the movie?

Undoubtedly yes! And that’s because your brain is so much into the movie that it starts considering the movie a real one and react with real physiological reaction to stories.

The same happens to your clients or to almost every human and you can take advantage of the same in your marketing strategy.

2. Stories Make People Feel More Connected

Clearly, the human read the content using their heads, whilst they connect with it using their hearts. Stories are the ultimate attention seeking tools because they make the readers feel connected with them as their brain crave certainty and closure.

3. Stories Convey Your Brand’s Personality

You can use storytelling as an ideal platform where you can easily reflect your brand’s image and personality. Never be petrified of bringing forward the reality of your brand loud and clear via storytelling.

This, in turn, makes your clients more satisfied and easily build trust in you, especially those who want to see and experience your brand's personality.

4. Stories Make The Content Exciting

This is the most powerful benefit of storytelling. With good storytelling, you can even create content for boring industries(though there are as such no industry which is boring if you know the trick of storytelling).

With enticing stories, you can tap into the emotions and motivations that are characteristic of the people in your industry.

5. Stories Make People Ask For More

Every brand love loyal and returning customers. With lucrative stories, you can fire the desire within your reader’s mind to dig more about your brand story. This can turn them into a returning customer.

Although you can also make exceptional loyalty programs, and offer unique benefits to make your customers return to you. Still, storytelling can be a great way to get a hook over them, like making them wait for the next episode or article.


So now, you know how storytelling can benefit you and your brand. Moreover, you know how you can influence the reader’s brain and keep them hooked at your content. Now, move ahead keeping the gains in your mind and take the benefit of storytelling.

Remember, don’t try to scam with your stories by imparting fake knowledge or excessive keyword usage. Google knows it all and can penalize you for it.


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