What Can I Be After Completing Fashion Designing Course

Posted by Anwar Ali on June 20th, 2019

What can I become after completing the fashion designing course, is one of the most valid questions that students enquire. Fashion designing is undoubtedly one of the most sought for career options available these days for students and job-seekers. There are plenty of opportunities available these days. This is one of those courses that students are dreaming of getting into the reason for the same is that the life of a fashion designer is very glamorous and lucrative. The course is getting huge traction these days as once you are in this field sky could be the limit provided you have the guts to face all the challenges lying ahead.

Though the opportunities are many the path of achieving is not a cake walk you will have to prepare yourself to find a niche in this industry. Here are some of the important niches that students can find once they are done with their fashion designing course.

However much of the success is determined by fashion institute in Delhi and the fashion technology courses you are opting into.

The In-house Designer: There are many interior designing houses that are in constant search of expert designers and artists who can add value to their customers demand. Students who are done with their fashion designing courses could find a niche as an in-house designer in these apparel and garment manufacturing houses.

Pattern Designer: Pattern designing and pattern making are one of the basic steps in the overall fashion designing process. No matter whether you are manufacturing a cloth, jewelry, footwear or nightwear developing a good and appealing pattern is at the heart and students can work as a pattern designer for these companies.

Pattern Instructor: Once you are experienced and enough know-how of designing a pattern you can get them the job of pattern instructor where you need to look after other designers and guide them to create the best possible piece.

Freelancer: For those individuals who don’t want to get fixed with a 9-5 job can choose to freelance as their career and they can offer freelance designing services to clients.

Fashion Journalist: For those individuals who are interested in journalism and reporting can go for becoming a fashion journalist and various television channels and media houses hire such people.

Costume Designer: Television and film industry one of the biggest consumer of fashion-related products. Apart from designing dresses for their movies, they need skilled costume designer who could add value to the final digital product and people are dreaming of getting a chance to work as a costume designer for these movies. Fashion designers Ritu Berry, Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, and Sabyasachi Mukherjee are some of the big examples of costume designers.

In a nutshell, we can say that there are plenty of opportunities available these days despite the fact that the Indian fashion industry is in its nascent stage these days

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