Exciting software testing trends to watch out for in 2020

Posted by cyber success on June 20th, 2019

There has been an ongoing Information and telecommunications revolution since 1975 and information technology has surely emerged as a true key for benefiting the business world as well as our day to day lives. Software testing is a very crucial step of the software development cycle, has been a field where IT industries have put in a lot of their money into it. And the budget is supposed to rise with at least a linear basis, and exponential in some phases, as seen in the past couple of years. In order to build a team of the best of Software testers, many IT industries are sending their corporates for Software testing classes and software training institutes in Pune.

2019 is half over and demand for software testers in the industry has increased. And learning from the paradigm shift during industrial learning and evolution, the chances that Software testing courses in Pune and other IT cities have been successful in fulfilling the requirement of the testing market.

There is this saying which goes like- ‘The fools dwell on their past, the good ones live in the present and the smart ones work in their present while preparing for the future.’ The very next year will emerge out with some new technologies and software testing will be the knight of their implementations. Let us see what trends and

contemporary frontiers software testing will bring in 2020-

IoT and Big Data: A recent report states that the number of smart devices will almost reach the populace of 21 billion in the world, growing almost thrice of what the count was on 2015. Internet of things will surely need skilled trainees of the testing department for testing operating systems, communication protocols along with software and hardware of the IoT device. Compatibility, regulatory compliance, performance, security, and exploratory testing are a crucial part of the genre of testing in IoT devices. Many big and small companies have already started working on this technology and next year, the demand for versatile testers will be almost two-fold.

Similarly, robust processing of Data generated by users across the world has become a very important part of the Agile intended work culture. So testing and validation sections of Big data analyzers are natural to creed for skilled testers with knowledge Big Data about the technologies like Hadoop.

Artificial intelligence: Machine learning has become more than just a buzzword now. The whole automation, recognition, prediction of various tasks based complex neural networks and algorithms have changed the course of outcome of how we look into the technology. But even these software applications require rigorous testing and validation. From banking to entertainment, every section of the business has been amazed by ML, which governs the fact that AI market will reach up to 0 billion by 2025.

Agile and DevOps: Test Automation has already breached the industry and has been crucial in testing repetitive or regressive tasks. This has been the fundamental key of robust QA that we see in the industry right now. And with DevOps and collaboration with other departments, a job of a tester has become more than just a tester but a master of the technology they are working on. Faster time, better quality and overall development with an impact in the minds of clients and the market as a whole. Agile has brought in a need of ‘Change, adapt and conquer’ in testers. DevOps brings in continuity while Agile demands swiftness, together they will set the benchmark for a quality software tester.

The development of various Digital technologies will only increase next year. As the overall economy of the world increases, the need for change will increase as well. Mobile applications will continue to amaze users, which will lead to more intense testing in the coming years. Freelancing and start-up culture will lead to various job opportunities. With great powers come great threats as well, digitalization has also led to peril on security, and cybersecurity has never been so much crucial than right now. So testing relate to security applications will probably lead you to a great career as a security tester and analyst. And as open-source, open innovation concept blooms its path in the industry, new and free tools will continue to emerge, making it easier for testers to learn.

If you want to get yourself trained into a skilled professional with exposure to testing various types of technologies like the ones discussed above, a good software testing course in Pune can provide you with that. Cyber Success is one of the prime software testing training provider in Pune, visit CyberSuccess.Biz and check their syllabus. The future beholds an ultimate pool of opportunities, you just have to take a leap of faith as a rookie or aspiring software tester and dive into it.






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