5 Pet Food Myths Revolving Around the Pet World

Posted by Clara Lou on June 21st, 2019

I am sorry but something your neighbor has told you about pet food is wrong. There are many myths revolving around the pet world and I think those myths should be debunked to make the things right for you and your beloved pets.

Whether or not you should feed your pets raw food or dry food, or going through all the prescription diets you have seen on the internet may leave you baffled. Your life is too short to live in delusion. Here I have churned out the top 5 myths on pet food and pet nutrition.

  1. Veterinarian Recommended Food Is the Best One

You might’ve seen those premium foods available for purchase in your vet’s office. And those foods are labeled as the premium and vet recommended pet foods. So is it ok to not look further into it and choose it for your beloved furry friend?

Certainly, I wouldn’t do so. The marketing has become a key part to survive in this competition and you shouldn’t trust the products without reading the label. If you don’t know how to read the label, go through this article.

However, your vet might earn some commission on selling those products but he always wants you to know a few things regarding your pet’s food. So be wise when you buy food for your cats and dogs, while not overlooking your vet’s general advice on your pet’s food.

ASPCA has defined the terms used on a pet food label that will help you understand what you can expect from the food. Once you do a little homework you will be able to decide whether that food is worth your money or not. So, next time someone recommends you a pet food, do a little research of your own.

  1. Dry Food Is Great for Dental Health of Your Dog and Cat

Kibble isn’t going to helps to get better dental health for your pet. Your pets’ wild ancestors used to thrive on their catches and their diets were consist of all the parts of their prey. The bones would rub and brush around their teeth space, teeth, and across the gums. The same practice would help keep your pet’s dental health issues in check.

What happens when your pet eats kibbles is they might get stuck between their teeth and can build an environment for tooth decay and other dental health issues. Well, kibbles are definitely better than wet food at keeping the teeth somewhat clean. But this is the myth that kibbles are great for keeping the dental health problems at bay. There’s no alternative to regular teeth cleaning.

  1. Pets Really Need Life Stage Changing Diets - Kitten/Puppy, Adult, and Senior Food

First things first, dogs and cats have different nutritional needs. So, if you’re constantly comparing both of them mentally, stop doing it. And obviously, pet cats and dogs shouldn’t eat each other’s food.

Now the third on our list is specific food pertaining to their age, or in other words, life stages. Well, yes, it’s true that puppies and kittens need more nutrition in their growth phases than their senior ages.

The thing is people are using this life stage-specific food as a marketing tool. The nutritional value and ingredients are more or less the same for all the life stage. The more appropriate thing to consider is how much your cat should eat. However, there may be some supplements your pets require so that would be another consideration for you.

Instead of getting into a trap of marketed products like this, learn and educate yourself about canine and feline nutrition. This will let you know how often your kitten needs to eat and how much your cat needs to eat in his senior age. It’s just frequency and quantity changes for all the life stages but the ingredients and nutritional values remain quite similar.

  1. Table Scraps and Other Human Foods Are Bad for Your Dog and Cat

There are only two rules for feeding table scraps or human food. But before we dive into that, let me tell you a bitter truth; all human foods except some and table scraps are not at all bad for your pets. In fact, some of them are superfoods for felines and canines.

Rule no. 1: Table scraps and human food should be healthy and should be able to meet the nutritional needs of your pets. For example, eating bananas is safe for dogs, but if she ingests it excessively, your dog would feel filled full and won’t eat further. This means, as a banana is not a superfood for dogs, it might lead to a deficiency of some particular nutrients that your pooch was going to get otherwise from her food. In a nutshell, you need to keep her diet balanced.

Rule No.2: If your dog is eating with you from the same plate, ensure you’re cutting from her daily meal to stop putting up some extra pounds. There is not much explanation needed for this rule. All in all, keep the nutrition balanced and keep a close eye on their waistline.

  1. Feeding Raw Food Is Dangerous Due to the Risk of Salmonella and E. Coli

Raw food is definitely dangerous because you don’t know the source of it. If the food is not from reliable sources, Salmonella and E Coli can rip apart the health of your pets. But wait, aren’t the wild canines and felines thrive on raw meat?

Yes, not only the raw food is natural to you but also it is wholesome for your beloved pet. Actually, the ideal food is the balance of kibble, dry food, and raw food. So, if you’re thinking raw food is bad only just because it spreads Salmonella and E Coli, you might rethink. Raw food is wholesome and you should make sure the source of it is safe.

Final Thoughts

Canine and feline nutrition and food are different than each other and different than humans. Understanding it thoroughly will make you confident and a happy, myth debunking pet parent. I hope these 5 myths have helped you. Please spread a word about it. And if you know more myths about pet food and nutrition, leave them in the comment section below.

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