Where To Find And Hire An Expert iOS Developer For Your App?

Posted by James Adams on June 21st, 2019

When you hire an iOS developer, he would ensure to entertain your multiple projects. A stable iOS developer would stand out as a professional, hard-working, and with a fleshed out plan. You would clearly notice your project in momentum with its success rate inevitable.

Do you have any plans or ideas? Do you have mock-ups of what your iOS application should look like? You should only hire an iOS developer when you have a clear picture of what you really want. Suppose, you sat down today and see ‘Hire an offshore iOS app developer’ from your to-do list. It is definitely not a straightforward task-it will take time, and a steady effort to find an expertise iOS app developer. When you are seeking for a competent iOS developer then you are giving clear signals to the people about how well-thought-out your project is.

In this article, we are sharing some useful tips that will help you to find and hire an iOS app developer:-

Preparation stage: Define your requirements crystal clear

Check for the candidate’s experience and familiarity with iOS applications. Also, ensure to check their education qualification and a general understanding of the development processes. So after setting your requirements, you have 3 options to find a remote iOS developer.

  • Look for a freelancer.
  • Hire a remote control contact a full-time iOS developer.
  • Use the services of an iOS staffing agency.

Research online presence

The developers have got the number of tools with which they show competence in technical and non-technical areas. Therefore, check into the candidate’s online activity:-

  • Blog
  • Github or other shared code
  • Twitter profile
  • Facebook

You don’t need to do any private investigation. Just see to their blogs or code contributions, match the general tone with professional tone with the declared level of experience.

Look in for more details at code contribution

Open source is the best way to vet candidates. Before you actually hire an iOS developer, you can check at the actual projects that they have built. Use them to ask questions about the challenges they have faced and the areas for improvements. Contribution of open source is a clear way to tell who is active and hustling in the developer community.

Complete Lifecycle experience

An experienced iOS developer will have pet apps which they have developed in the app store, which they simply built when they were learning about the platform or either to make money. Ask them to show some of these and have a word with them about the challenges they have faced.

Final Note

You could do all these things, roll the dice, and hope for the best that you hire the best iOS developer. Your hiring process should not be limited to just asking questions and evaluating the candidate’s responses. You should constantly evaluate the candidate on the conversation they initiate.

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