Compact, Lightweight, Portable Ultrasound Scanner with WiFi Connectivity

Posted by Garza Flora on June 21st, 2019

Ultrasonography or widely known as medical ultrasound is a widely used and highly reliable diagnostic imaging in medical world. Although there are much advanced techniques and methods for diagnostic imaging, ultrasound is still widely used mostly for its affordable cost.

Ultrasound machine is usually a console with ultrasound generating module integrated with probe and display monitor. The problem is this console is space consuming and also need to be connected to electrical line. It limits its availability only at hospitals or clinics while there are demands of ultrasound machine for emergency cases at outdoor area or at clinics in rural area with limited source of electricity. There are more portable ultrasound machines but it is still too bulky to be carried everywhere.

SIFSOF, a company specializing in health connected devices, is offering the best solution with its wireless portable ultrasound scannerseries. This company has been successfully developing compact size portable ultrasound machine with integrated battery powerpack and wireless connectivity. Lightweight and compact while able to offer high precision ultrasound imaging, the Wireless ultrasound Scanner series allow doctors to carry the device on the go to be used for patient examination in rural or outdoor area, to be used in sports centers, or even for hospital ward round.

The wireless portable ultrasound device is designed as handled device easily to operate. The handled device works as the ultrasound probe and the WiFi connectivity will connect the scanner with smartphone or tablet to display scan image. WiFi connectivity also allows the scan image to be directly sent to physician or specialist for consult without any hassle.

Such an advanced connectivity offered by WiFi ultrasound scanner would be very useful to improve medical services in places with limited medical infrastructure. It helps patients to get the right diagnostic for their condition allowing medical professionals to prescribe the right course of treatment. 

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