Advanced Python Concepts for Developers

Posted by narayana on June 21st, 2019

Socket Programming

Sockets and Sockets API implemented to Direct messages on a network. They offer Inter Process communication. Network will be local network and logical network to computer. In that, it physically is connected with an external network by its own method of networks and communication. The best example is Internet, which you connect by ISP.

Inter tools

It is a module, which, implements a number of iterator Designing blocks that inspired by APL, SML, Haskell. All this combined form ‘iterator algebra’. By this, we can design Specialized tools with pure Python.


I think you are aware of Metaprogramming that directs you to program.So that you have knowledge or it control by itself. Python support Metaprogramming and Metaclasses.

Meta Classes known as OOP concept, that is behind of all Python code. Less number of python programming knows this concept.

Speech Recognition

Selecting Python Speech Recognition package.


Watson Developer cloud

Google cloud speech


In the above, we have seen apiai and wit, these are just like natural language processing for Recognizing speaker Intent. If we look at others like google cloud speech, then mainly focus on speech text conversion.

Python Global Interpreter Lock

In simple words, GIL is known as Mutex, which allows only one thread to get control over Python Interpreter. It explains that only one thread can be in a point of execution at any time. The Impact of GIL is not visible to developers, who can execute one-thread programs.

GIL accept only one thread to execute at a time in multi-threaded architecture. Which have more than one CPU core? GIL has got a Reputation like Not a famous feature of python.

Python with AWS lambda

We can run python Scripts and apps, without any need to handle servers in measurable Environment. Here you pay only for what you use. It is also known as a server less computing in concept of Nutshell. AWS lambda is best solution for running user Initiated code fast and cheaper.

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Python with Django

Django is known as REST Framework that offers many numbers of Powerful Features, that is known as Idiomatic Django.

Throttling- It is the way to determine, a request, if it is recognized or not. It is integrated with many permissions. It generally implemented for API requests for a single user.

Auth Support

REST frame has rich support for so many authentication protocols with throttling and permission policies, that configured by Per-view basis.


These are known as validating sample querysets/Instances and changing them to native python Data types. This can be easily rendered into XML and JSON.

Token-Based Authentication by flask

JWT known as JSON Web token, offer to transmit Information from client to server with a secure and stateless way. In Server JWT produced by providing user Information with a Secret key. Securely stored in Client. This type of Auth works best with one-page and latest applications.

Social Authentication with LinkedIn

Social Authentication is a method to easy logins for end users by implementing Login Information. By offering linkedIn, Google+, Twitter. Many websites need user to log in and make use of social platforms for good and better authentication.

Code generation by Pycco

As we are developers, we are eager to write code. In some cases, our python language looks harder. So we have Pycoo for this problem. Pycoo is known as port of docco. Pycoo auto generates nice looking code and follows rules of code documentation. The goal of Pycoo is to produce a two-column document with comments.

Twitter Analysis

Twitter Streaming API collects tweets and calculates sentiment of every tweet and design a practical Dashboard. By using kibana and Elastic search to show results. We have Tweepy. It uses a listener to not to grab streaming tweets, but they filter them in same scenario.

API Mocking with Python

Mock library is used for testing python code by changing parts of your system with mock objects. Mock library is a part of unit test, if you are using python 3.3. Nose library enlarges design in python unittest module to design testing easier. You can utilize unit tests or any other third party libraries like Pytest, to get same results. The requests library make easy HTTP in python.

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