HCG medical weight loss The best way to lose weight quickly and effectively:

Posted by markwahlbargg on June 21st, 2019

Today, HCG medical weight loss is one of the best ways to lose weight. Here we are going to talk more about this method.

There are currently three high dose HCG for weight loss diet protocols that are indicated for three different types of patients, they are:

  • Patients wishing to lose up to 7kg,
  • Patients wishing to lose more than 7kg,

We will speak individually about each of these protocols below.

Patients Who Want to Lose Up to 7kg:

For patients wishing to lose up to 7kg, daily use of HCG is recommended over a period of 23 days (except on days of menstruation). HCG  for men is also beneficial. After the 3rd day of treatment with the hormone to lose weight begins a restrictive diet of approximately 500 calories during the period of 26 days.

After these days, the caloric intake gradually increases over the next 3 weeks.

Patients Who Wish To Lose More Than 7kg:

For patients wishing to lose more than 7kg, it is recommended to use the hormone for 40 days (except on days of menstruation). After the third day of treatment, the restrictive diet starts. Approximately 500 calories over the 43 day period.

If the patient loses more than 15 kg before the end of the 40 days of the use of the hormone, it is advised to stop the treatment and increase the caloric intake gradually during the next three weeks.

Forms of HCG Administration:

Although the original program uses HCG in injectable form intramuscularly, there is the possibility of buying hcg in several other ways. Another proven way of dietary functioning is through the use of sublingual HCG.

It is important to emphasize that when we take hormones orally, ie as tablets they can undergo a process of deactivation in the liver compromising their effectiveness, so it is advisable to use hormones always in sublingual form, application to the dermis, or injectable.

Benefits of the HCG Diet:

According to many HCG diet reviews, here are the benefits.

Benefits of the HCG Diet Among the main benefits of this diet we can mention:

Healthy Weight Loss: As we have shown, this diet promotes safe and healthy weight loss.

Pain Relief: Experts have noted that after a few days of starting treatment, patients suffering from pain reported decreased intensity or complete relief from any and all pain.

Hypertension: After weight loss and the amount of hormone used the blood pressure of patients tends to establish themselves in normal and safe levels.

Type 2 diabetes: The continuous use of the hormone allied to the diet normalized fasting blood glucose levels to normal levels. Without a doubt, a great benefit.

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