NBA 2K20 Release Date News: Demigods set to return to the game following 2K Game

Posted by freemexy on June 21st, 2019

The nba 2k20 coins series are some of the best sports games around thanks to the heaps of support the developers give the game and the great fanbase. They might not appeal to everyone, but once a player gets drawn in they are there for life. It's why the fans are so committed to the games, they just love them that much.

Well, it looks like an old debate might be coming back if this Tweet is anything to go by. While this might seem like a throwaway comment to some, it could well be teasing the return of a feature that the more competitive fans didn't like at all. Then again, the rest of the fans might be really happy to see it return.

The system is the Archetype system that has players making their own characters. When NBA 2K16 was around, this was a sore spot for the players because people were making characters that ended up being dubbed Demigods. These were NBA players who were completely impossible. Monstrous characters who outclassed everyone else by so much that it ruined the game for some people.
It was so bad the developers changed the system in the following games which still lives on. It's a lot more limiting in its design, but it also stops players creating these mythical basketball players, so it keeps things fairer overall, even if it is at the expense of the fun of some gamers.

What could this new system look like though? Well, perhaps they will balance it using a point system that only allows a maximum of a certain amount of stats to be applied to a character. This could stop impossibly fast, tall, and strong characters from existing while maintaining the joy of having your creation running around the court.

Maybe it could be something like an RPG system where you level them up based on your playstyle, but they have a level cap. A decent story mode could tie into that really well, and it would allow everyone to have fun with the single-player as well as the multiplayer aspects of the game. It has to be both fair and fun, which is an incredible challenge for the developers to manage.

That being said, the team always seems to listen to fans and it is clear that they love the games they make, so if they've cracked the code then they are sure to unleash it upon the world. The hard work they put in is sure to pay off when they show off the new system, whenever that ends up being.

Whatever it is, we will found out more as more details about the game come out. Hopefully, there is some magical way to keep everyone happy. That always works, right? It's not like people are that hard to please, is it?

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