Absorbent Pillows Market: Evolving Technology, Trends and Industry Analysis

Posted by Kishor on June 21st, 2019

Absorbent pillows are used where leaks and constant drips are too large for an absorbent pad. The absorbent pillows are used in the mining industry as drip mats for large and heavy machinery. Increasing popularity of absorbent pillows in end use industries such as chemical, oil, and agriculture is strengthening the market scenario during the forecast period. The value added characteristics such as Sturdiness, convenience, and durability is expected to boost the absorbent pillows market growth in the near future.

The absorbent pillows are used to absorb oil, fuel, hazardous materials, and other chemicals used for industrial purpose. Increasing hygiene concern during transportation and storage of various products is expected to fuel the absorbent pillows market growth in the upcoming years. The absorbent pillows are ideal for use in mining and chemical industries as they contribute in enhancing the productivity and safety at the workplace. Fast oil absorbency and water repellent characteristics are expected to boost the absorbent pillows market growth in the near future.

Absorbent Pillows Market: Dynamics

To provide more protection during the whole supply chain there is increment in the usage of secondary packaging, which is creating demand for absorbent pillows during the forecast period. The absorbent pillows can float, which makes them suitable for oil absorption in recovery tanks to extract oil off the surface of water. The global absorbent pillows market is expected to expand at a healthy CAGR due to increment in the leak proof and safe packaging. The increasing number of players in the manufacturing business and unstable raw material prices may affect the absorbent pillows market growth negatively.

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Oil absorbent pillows are filled with hydrophobic polypropylene strips which absorbs thick oils off water. Absorbent pillows can fit in all types of locations which includes machinery, equipment, sinks, or any place where leakage can occur. Absorbent pillows are reusable such that they can be re-placed in spill-kits or vehicles without any kind of loss in absorbency. The global absorbent pillows market is expected to expand significantly during the forecast period, owing to increasing amount of bulk packaging. The recovery tanks, manufacturing facilities in refining, chemical & oil tanks and machinery requires usage of absorbent pillows.

Absorbent Pillows Market: Key Players & Trends

Some of the manufacturers in the Absorbent pillows marker includes the 3M Company, Pactiv LLC, Gelok International Corporation, and SpillTech Environmental Incorporated among others.

Manufacturers in the absorbent pillows market are enhancing the core technology capabilities to improve the absorbency of pillows

  • 3M Company is looking for improvisation by using microfiber material, which contains large number of pores to hold more liquid for a long duration.
  • Gelok International Corporation is offering absorbent pillows made up of superabsorbent polymers during manufacturing.

Absorbent Pillows Market: Regional Outlook

The different types of regulation for hazardous material may impact the global absorbent pillows market in the upcoming years. The Hazardous Material Transportation Act regulates all modes of transportation, be it air, ground, or water. United States of America alone makes more than 500,000 shipments of hazardous materials every day.

The increment in the transportation, import & export of goods, use of machines in the mining industry, as well as industrial safety ordinances, the absorbent pillows market is expected to expand during the forecast period across the globe. The absorbent pillows market has moderate expansion in next five years in the Asia Pacific region, as per the increasing need for secure packaging and safe handling of products.

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