Nanophotonics Market - A key to high rate capability and long life span

Posted by RASHMI on June 21st, 2019

Since long, the zest of the electronic industry has been to achieve miniaturization of their products and impart integration. With the advent and radical ubiquity of smartphones, that drive to achieve higher efficiency within smallest devices has gained further impetus and given birth to the nanophotonics market.

Essentially, nanophotonics has emerged as an integration of three advanced aspects of science: nanotechnology, photonics, and optoelectronics. There are tremendous possibilities with nanophotonics, finding applications in technology and science including solar energy, optical microscopy, bio-imaging, and optical communications. 

In the recent past, optoelectronics and photonics have aided to the markets pertaining to semiconductor and electronics but nanotechnology is something whose possibilities are yet to be completely harnessed. During a foreseeable future, nanotechnology is expected to remain one of the most sought-after technology by major companies and research institutes.

Some of the key factors augmenting the demand in the global nanophotonics market are: increasing demand for solid-state lighting, benefits such as working in an environment without hazardous chemicals as well as high thermal conductivity and modulation rate, growing usage of LED in consumer goods, high ratio of power over performance, and government support for lighting products that are highly energy-efficient.

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In addition to that, growing popularity of OLEDs is expected to reflect positively on the global nanophotonics market, as they consumer lesser power, have a larger field view, and are crisper and brighter as well as much more powerful than LEDs.

On the other hand, higher cost of LED over incandescent lamps, stabilizing demand for smartphones in a number of countries, and requirement for precise management of heat and current are some of the factors holding the nanophotonics market from flourishing. That being said, the vendors operating in this market stand to gain new opportunities if they concentrate on narrowing cost differential and improvement in efficiency.

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