10 Absolutely Awesome Call Center Services to outsource

Posted by Riya Lewis on June 21st, 2019


Call Centers are an integral part of the industry. Call Centers from their inception have been instrumental in increasing customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and customer retention rates. This is why they have been considered as a pivotal factor in the rapid surge in the customer convenience in the past few years.

A Call Center is considered as the primary contact point of the customers with a company. Therefore, a call center is instrumental in making a lasting impression on the customers. From a company’s personality to its reputation in the market, everything depends majorly on call center services.

Call Center industry has continuously grown and has played a vital role in the ongoing paradigm shift in the industry. Call Centers are responsible for almost most of a company’s success. Apart from the core competencies of a company, call center services are the most vital operations that cannot be compromised with in terms of performance. More and more call center services have been added with the changes in the industry. It is fair to say that call center industry has a service to serve each and every type of business that exists on this planet and there is absolutely no business that does not require call centers.

Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourcing Call Center Services is a phenomenon that most of the industry is familiar with today. After decades of successful operations, the call center industry is still one of the major industries across the globe. Rising competition has resulted in a continuous rise in the customer’s importance. The importance of the customer has risen to such levels that to deliver something extra, new services are being brought under the umbrella of call center services.

Call Center Services today are not simply structured enough to be understood in a single go. Call Center services are not just a service but an umbrella under which many other services lie. Every industry needs a particular type of service. The importance of different call center services varies from company to company. Therefore, it is wise to outsource individual call center services which you need rather than entire operations. This will allow you to better manage the resources and time of your business.

Call Centers have majorly been associated with customer satisfaction and sales operations. They directly affect the financial status of a company. Therefore, one must always make sure that the call center operations of their business are always running smoothly.

As discussed above, every company has a different type of requirements from a call center. However, by analyzing the industry statistics and various case studies, we have created a list of some of the most important call center services which almost every business needs. For your convenience, we have bifurcated the services into inbound and outbound services which you can outsource to one of the best US based call Center Outsourcing Company.

Outbound Services

Outbound Services are concerned with the process where a call center agent initiates a conversation with the customer. These operations are majorly centered on sales operations. Mentioned below is a list of some of the most important outbound services that a call center delivers.


Telemarketing Services are important and probably the most outsourced services that fall under the umbrella of call center services. These services are concerned with increasing the reach and awareness of your company amongst the customers. Spreading brand awareness is probably a very important stepping stone towards success for any company. That is why these services have been receiving so much importance from the businesses across the industry. A telemarketing agent usually calls a customer and lets them know about some relevant information regarding your company that can help make that customer into a loyal one.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is directly connected to increasing the revenue of a company and this is why it stands as one of the most vital call center processes that a company can outsource. Lead generation is often concerned with the call center agent calling a customer or a potential customer and providing them with relevant information regarding a product or a service. Cold calling is also a huge part of these operations. Now, these customers and potential customers are marked as the type of leads they are. The hot ones usually convert easily and the cold leads are the ones that will require extra effort to convert.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are important to understand the mood of the customers with respect to a business. Customer satisfaction is important in customer retention, customer acquisition as well as the reputation within the market. A satisfied customer is one of the best marketing sources for any company. A company that delivers astounding customer experience saves a fortune of marketing as the most effective source of marketing ‘the customer’ is availed by it.

Telesales and Customer Acquisition

Telesales and customer acquisition is a process for which outbound services of call centers have been known for. It is the emblem of the outbound process. It directly affects the revenue of the company and its dexterous performance is important for the smooth cash flow of the company. It is usually concerned with calling the leads and converting them into actual sales. Therefore, it directly influences the revenue that a company generates.

Market Intelligence Services

Market Intelligence Services are concerned with getting insights into market behavior and market forecast so that preemptive steps can be taken to stay ahead of the competition and harness any changes that are about to take place in the market. A company needs marketing intelligence services to better focus its resources in order to achieve their business goals. This process helps in saving a lot of resources and also increases the efficiency of decision making.

Inbound Services

Outbound Services are concerned with the process where a call center agent responds to a conversation initiated by the customer. These operations are majorly centered on customer service operations. Mentioned below is a list of some of the most important inbound services that a call center delivers.

Phone Answering

Phone Answering Services is one of the most important inbound services that a call center delivers. It is concerned with dexterously answering customer queries regarding certain products and services of a company. A company needs to provide convincing answers to the customers in order to retain them.

Order Taking

Order Taking Services are concerned with taking and noting down orders for different products and services. Although ecommerce has certainly reduced the popularity of these services. But the ability to customize orders still means that it is still miles ahead of the ecommerce mode of business.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling are call center services that are concerned with selling and upgrade of a present product or a better product that usually customers buy alongside the present products. These processes help in maximizing the profits of a company and increase its revenue.

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales are call center services which are concerned with selling products and services to the customers that call the company. They are usually involved in answering customer queries and then suggesting them a product or service according to their needs which they end up buying to complete the process.

Chat Support

Chat Support is the newest form of inbound support available in the industry. Chatting is a popular form of communications. Therefore, providing an option for the customers to chat with call center agents can be a brilliant way to provide more convenience to the customers.

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