What Are the Main Reasons to Use Lite Speed Server

Posted by Aspiration Hosting on June 22nd, 2019

Lite Speed has several benefits and is also known to be the fastest web server in the world of this time. Web hosting companies have started to install it on their servers in the past couple of years. As a result, bigger companies now officially use Lite Speed Hosting which can be used for easier management from a graphic interface.

In the beginning, the Lite Speed web server is not free like the most used web server in the world Apache. Some concerns prefer to try and configure Apache to do caching and speed up static content. For the speeding up PHP, they also configure Opcache or another PHP caching for free mechanism. So, here is the list of top reasons why you should be using the Lite Speed web server instead of other free alternatives.

The Lite Speed Web Server enhances performance

This works very well in serving busy web sites who get pages with thousands of visitors per second. Lite Speed serves static content faster than any other type of web server. It increases PHP Hosting just because of its custom PHP LSAPI. This is the most efficient with busy web sites and it saves you tones of bucks for web hosting. If you install Lite Speed on your VPS to replace Apache and you will see your load drop from 20 to 2 or 3, and you must believe it.

Lite Speed Web Server for security

As you know it is 100% Apache compatible, you can also use the security module that you use with Apache to block most of the web attacks. The same module rules that you use for Apache will work for Lite Speed. No extra work is required for this task. Moreover, Lite Speed has its own security features which will come handy when your web site gets affected by a DoS or DDoS attack.

If you use Lite Speed it will protect you from most of the harm, just because it is built-in anti-DDoS features such as bandwidth and connections stifling. This is also pretty fast in addressing DoS attacks.

Lite Speed eliminates hardware costs

You can always pay a small amount for a Lite Speed license rather than spending hundreds of dollars to attach more hardware which can handle the load of your web site’s visitors. Other than this, Lite Speed brings other benefits such as the additional security and speed to your web site. The same web server may also reduce the costs for systems administration as it provides 24/7 technical support. You can always get support from them and get an immediate resolution.

You will get better results and increased profit

For downtime, companies lose visitors and lots of profit. If you run a busy on the e-commerce web site you don’t want your site to be down for a single minute. Lite Speed will provide you the extra performance and efficiency so that your uptime grows better, also, your server is not busy and you don’t lose visitors anymore.

Check these above-mentioned points on, Lite Speed server, and you will understand that it’s better investing in this system rather than losing traffic for your business.

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