Most Common Courses In Fashion Designing

Posted by Anwar Ali on June 22nd, 2019

Colleges and Institutes that offer courses in fashion designing help to route the capability of a student towards the art direction. As the world of fashion is highly competitive, students who have decided to take up designing as their vocation need an edge, in fact, something that will make them different from others. Getting a degree from a certified organization can give you the edge needed.

A List of Different Fashion Design Courses
Below is a list of some of the common courses in fashion designing, these include,

  • Basic Course- This will give students an introduction to how clothes are assembled. They will learn how fabric, seams, and cut come together in creating a piece of apparel. Besides, they can also get hands-on-experience on how to alter patterns and well as study how small pattern alterations can create unique apparels
  • Portfolio Development Course- A fashion designer should have a good portfolio which will help to show off their abilities, skills, and work. To create a portfolio includes learning how to design, staging photographs and putting together a collection. Students can also work with the good runway productions to know about choosing show music, fitting models and other vital aspects to create a successful fashion show. Towards the completion of the course, a student can organize a runway show or make a final portfolio
  • Textile Course- Usually this course is taken at the beginning in a design a program like an introduction to various fabrics utilized in the making of fashion items. Through the textile course, a student can learn the difference amid man-made and natural fabrics and also how a fabric is created. This course will also make students aware of other textiles like cotton, silk, and wool
  • CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) Course- It will highlight different computer programs that are used commonly in the design industry. Besides, it will teach students the right ways of using CAD for creating fabrics, patterns and other designs. In fact, students will also learn technical design specifications, the fundamentals of utilizing CAD and also the terminology
  • Patternmaking Course- This course will offer a firm foundation with respect to creating patterns utilized in making clothes. Through this course, a student can learn ways of making master patterns which can be utilized for making diverse styles of garments
  • Tailoring Course- This is the technique of fitting clothing so that this drapes properly. The training course will provide students with introductory design coursework which will aid them to learn as to how patterns and designs influence fit and also how these can be adjusted. In some programs use of sewing machines and industry standards may be emphasized

For having a successful career in this field, aspiring students should join a reputed college. It is only in a reputed and the experienced institute that the faculty will give one-on-one care to every student until they become self-reliant in the field. Owing to the world-class education, enduring a relationship with big companies and professional training, the students that come to study in the top institutes easily get the placement.

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