Why does laundry have to be sorted before washing?

Posted by markwahlbargg on June 22nd, 2019

It is not enough to stuff the dirty laundry into the washing machine, add detergent and set the rotary switch to any program. Anyone who proceeds in this way should not be surprised if he brings discolored or run-in textiles out of the machine. Before the laundry is put into the machine, it must be sorted.

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Why does laundry have to be sorted before washing?

Not all textiles are the same. The layman does not always recognize the difference between natural fibers, mixed fabrics or synthetic fibers. But even the wash beginner notices that there are textiles that feel soft and fluffy. He sees when he has shiny, fine fabrics in front of him and he sees coarse, solid material.

Everybody is aware that the different fibers react differently to heat. Delicate laundry should not be washed so hot that it does not run in or get out of shape. A robust material can withstand higher washing temperatures. Also, the detergents that are suitable for individual fabric fibers are different. This is the first reason why the laundry needs to be sorted before washing.

Another reason to sort laundry is the degree of pollution. Workwear that is heavily soiled must be washed hotter and/or with a different detergent than a blouse worn only once for a special occasion. If you wash the heavily soiled laundry along with the slightly soiled clothes, you run the risk of the work clothes not getting clean. Or the fabric fibers of the dusty clothes suffer from the hot temperature or the best detergent.

Always pre-sort dirty laundry before washing:

Last but not least, the color of textiles plays an important role in washing. Because it can easily happen during washing that the detergent or the high washing temperature not only the dirt but also color particles are solved, dark/colorful clothes should not be washed together with light laundry.

If color particles are released from the dark or colored textiles to the wash water, they can otherwise be absorbed by the light / white laundry. The light laundry is discolored and receives a gray, red or blue cast.

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